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What is a sleeping companion? How to choose?

Sleep companionsare products that we often use when teaching babies to fall asleep without support in their beds. When babies are laid awake in bed, they need to comfort themselves in some way. Some babies do this by sucking pacifiers, some by sucking your finger... Some babies are relaxed by rolling around and playing in bed before falling asleep, some sing or speak in their own baby language, others whine and go to sleep for a while. In this process of self-calming and transitioning to sleep, babies can spend this transition to sleep much more comfortably and enjoyable in their beds if they have sleeping companions that they can stroke, smell, cover their faces and even suck if they want.

Adjustment process

A sleeping companion is an object of trust that the baby associates with sleep. Some babies are very attached to their sleeping companions, while others may not care at all. But even for babies who are not interested, there is no harm in sleeping companions in the baby's bed. In babies adopting a sleeping companion, it is recommended that this friend only stay in bed, during the day the baby does not constantly play with it, otherwise the sleeping companion will become a normal toy, away from being a support tool linked to sleep. For babies who have adopted their sleeping companionvery much, I recommend backing this friend up against the risk of getting lost and always putting it in the baby's suitcase when going on vacation.

When should sleep companions be used?

I recommend that babies between 0-4 months be laid on the bed with half arson through the arms and tight legs. There will be no need to put a sleeping companion in the bed of the swaddled baby. It will be more convenient to start with the sleeping companion after the 4th month. Sleep companions with small pieces that are hairy or at risk of being swallowed should not be preferred, as there is a possibility that the baby will suck on the sleeping companion. In addition, large-scale friends are avoided by considering the possibility of covering the baby's face. The sleeping companion can be selected from the appropriate products sold on the market, as well as an athlete with the smell of the mother, even a small handkerchief or veil can be sleeping companions that will relax your baby before sleep.

Meet sleeping companion Lovely Sophie

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