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What features will be on the new iPhone?

With the introduction of the new iPhone on the horizon, rumors about its design and features are relentless. Apple, which previously released classic models as well as Plus, SE and 5C models, is expected to introduce the iPhone 7 Pro, this time with the iPhone 7 model.  Another rumor is that the new model will be introduced as iPhone 6SE instead of iPhone 7.

Other features expected to be on the new iPhone are as follows:

-Techno bloggers suggest that Apple will say goodbye to the 'Home' button on its new model. The screen will be turned on as a touch.

-The new iPhone is expected to stand out with its durable battery life. It gives you 90 minutes more video playback time than estimates.

It is rumoured that the -16 GB models will now go down in history, this time including the 256 GB model.

-As always, again this time, it is allegation that the new model is waterproof and wireless charging is among the claims.

-The most assured information about the new iPhone comes with the iOS 10 operating system.

-No change in camera resolution of the new iPhone is expected. However, a larger lens stands out in the photos leaked online, which will undoubtedly improve the quality of the photo.

-3GB of RAM is among other expectations.

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