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What color reflects the mood?

Yellow is the color of the sun. It represents transience and is remarkable. It is easy to detect even from a distance. That's why taxis are yellow. Using small amounts and light tones indoors has positive effects, while when used a lot and dark tones are preferred, it represents situations such as jealousy, betrayal and death and reveals a negative mood. Then what are we doing? We use yellow in a controlled manner. We prefer light tones!

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Green is the color of nature and trust. The relaxing effect of green on people is indisputable. Using green tones indoors will make you feel safe. While there is talk that dark green increases creativity, light tones stimulate feelings of peace and confidence. It also represents green cleanliness and health. That's why we often see green in hospitals. Do not avoid using green in your home, always love the green, protect it.

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Red is the color of love and passion. And when used indoors, does red have the same effect on us? The answer is simple. No! When used in red interiors, it activates the impulses of anger and danger. It also gives an appetite for red. That's why we often see red in fast food restaurants. Be you, don't overdo the red!

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The color of eternity and freedom is blue. Navy blue is a cosmic color and represents authority and success, while lighter shades of blue represent calmness, freedom and imagination. If you are engaged in creative work, it is appropriate to use blue in your study. There are beliefs that blue lowers and calms blood pressure. Therefore, it is also frequently used in children's rooms. Use blue more; increase your creativity, less tension.

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Purple is the color of ego and self-confidence. In history, we see and read that members of the palace often wear purple. It symbolizes nobility and grandeur. When purple is used in light tones, dark tones can trigger depression and subconsciously stimulate negative emotions, while symbolizing emotions such as spaciousness and innocence. You can benefit from the positive effects of purple using light tones. If you want to see dark tones, it would be more accurate to use them in furniture or fabrics instead of walls.


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Orange represents the beginning. It is the color that increases your energy, it is often used to increase productivity in the workplace. If he was an orange person, we would describe him as cheerful, energetic, extroverted and sociable. You can use it frequently in your home, in your study to increase your energy.

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The color of purity, stability, cleanliness is white. We're not going to talk about any negative effects of white, of course. When used indoors, it adds freshness to the space, it is noble. But try to add some color to your living spaces and your life. Life is so boring without colors!

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Our savior color is black, and when it's used indoors, will it save us? The answer is no! Because the black color used on the walls in the interior, coupled with the light, makes the defects more obvious. For example, if you want to use a small stucco crack in your black wall will create an extremely bad image when the light hits. As for the effect that black color has on us when used indoors. Black color represents different states of emotion such as power, fear, discipline, death, power. It has a concentration-enhancing property. If your house is spacious enough and getting light, if your painter is good enough at his job and you know how to look at black, don't be afraid to try it!

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