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What awaits your horoscope this weekend?

Hello dear readers, this weekend the moon will be in Sagittarius, saturday and Sunday will switch to Capricorn.

Sagittarius days we take on a spontaneous, vibrant, sporty, cheerful mood in which we look at life optimistically. Of course, a Mars and Saturn reunion that begins this weekend dominates the sky. If we think that this effect will continue until September, our feelings of restraint and depression may come into play while looking for suitable conditions to be happy and expand. Oh, my God, I'm telling you to watch out. We don't necessarily need big things to be happy.

On Sunday, the Moon in Capricorn can take on a responsible, disciplined, hardworking mood that will allow us to feel a very strong desire for change and transformation; we may want to visit our grandparents, develop a traditional perspective and take steps in accordance with our customs and customs.

You can read your weekly horoscopes again here on Monday.

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