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What awaits your horoscope this week? (4-10 July)

Dear Coaches and rising sign Coaches, we begin with a new one in crab sign, the new moon that will take place in a pioneering sign is very compatible with your energy. It occurs in your fourth home and emphasizes that you can make breakthroughs in real estate such as home, family, real estate, buying a house, selling a house, changing offices, opening a business, etc. It will be good for you to take the initiative in these matters and to restructure things and take steps. By midweek, the sun will be merging with the constant star of Sirius, the steps you will take can suddenly grow and accelerate, especially in family matters and home matters, small movements can have big consequences. On Wednesday, the moon will be moving through Aslan, you'll be in a spontaneous, energetic, fun and flashy mood. As responsibilities for children increase, so does your fondness for entertainment. This week there are beautiful reunion angles, the square of Saturn and Neptune, which I can call hard angles, stands out during the week, Saturn tells us the truth, the concrete one, reminds us that we have to keep our feet firmly on the ground; Neptune, on the other hand, is about imaginativeness, creativity, foggy, uncertainty, being above the clouds, lethargy and letting go. In this case, facts and dreams may be overlapping throughout the week. I wish you a pleasant week, see you next week.

Aries zodiac sign

Dear Bulls and rising taurus Bulls, the new moon will take place in your 3rd house; that is, brothers, close environmental relations, neighbors, close friends, relatives, a new formation will be experienced in your household; Maybe someone new will be added, maybe you'll be motivated by a news story you'll hear from them. Your communication skills are increased, marketing, journalism, print publication, advertising, all kinds of verbal and written communication can be subjected to a new formation. This new moon, which takes place on The 4th of July, will be on your computer business, such as opening a blog, setting up a website or improving the existing one, as it is about starting something new. In the middle of the week, the moon switches to Aslan, you can make plans to give invitations in your home, you will be in a process where you will prepare lists such as preparation and home shopping for the holiday, places to go. Saturn and Neptune square during the week, and the anti-Pluto contrast don't overshadow things. Tensions between distant relatives or spouses and close relatives can also upset you. It does not apply to all Bulls, of course, but it will apply to some of you. During the week, it's at a beautiful angle, an angle that interests you a lot, venus mars are triangular in appearance; you will be at peace and at peace with the person you love. Have a pleasant week, have a good holiday...

Taurus zodiac sign

Dear Gemini and rising sign Gemini, you will be very lucky in monetary matters during the week, due to the stelium in The Crab sign, job offers can come from many places, the value of what you have may increase, your financial problems can be solved this week. You are the financially lucky sign of the week. Spiritually, your feelings are strong, neptune's harmonious angles, logic and concrete things will be inviting you to spirituality this week, more emotional issues will be opened, and the themes of compassion and compassion will be at the forefront. Pluto's harsh angle, on the other hand, will force you to resist change, to struggle with what you need to transform, and to cut things out. Whatever it is you have to finish, you have to finish it this week. You have to get used to it and encourage it. As your relationship with the brothers strengthens in the middle of the week, there will be issues where you will receive support from older people. Towards the end of the week, themes such as taking out a loan for your home or paying off your existing debt will be at the forefront. Happy Holidays, see you soon.

Gemini zodiac sign

Dear Crabs and rising zodiac Crabs, with the new one taking place in your sign, you are entering into new emotions and decisions. Dear Crabs, luck begins on your side this week, you have full confidence and it's time to stand up for what needs to be done. However, it will not be overlooked that there are some problems between you and your wife during the week, so whether he is defying what you do or having a conflict of opinion with you, a traditionalist and a type of person who does not consent to change easily, you seem to want something to change with all your strength. Because of all this, you can witness the support of the person you love during the week, not the support. That could wear you down. But in the middle of the week and beyond, you'll have such crazy ideas that a little idea will grow and when you least expect it, you'll come forward from everyone. You'll be the victor. I like that too, as the rising Crab, please let these things happen to us... At the end of the week, the moon will continue to move forward in Virgo, you will be meticulous in our conversations and you will respond with critical, maybe somewhat detailed approaches towards the people we communicate with. Take care, have a good holiday already...

Cancer zodiac sign

Dear Lions and rising sign Aslan, what happened to you, your guard has fallen, you are in no condition, a reluctance and intolerance are leading the way. Especially from the people you do business with, you can't find what you're looking for, tensions seem to have increased between you and the people you work with. Health issues are also on the agenda for some Lions, they are going through a process that needs attention. We start this week with a new moon, this new moon in The Crab sign will be in your 12th house, so if you have a bad habit to leave in your subconscious, somewhere invisible, you can get rid of it, if there are situations that do not feel right around you, you can sift them out and try to start over. Some Lions may also hear and feel sad about hospitals, enclosed spaces, hidden events and some hostility. These are things that are in life, not everything is always perfect, unfortunately, you have to insttil yourself and try to get through this process with the least of it. You're strong individuals, and you know that nothing can happen without you saying it's over, without saying it's over, without saying it's done. Don't worry, I love you, I wish you a happy holiday, enjoy yourself.

Leo zodiac sign

Dear Virgos and rising sign Virgos, you start the week with a new one that will form in your friendship house. This new moon, which will take place on Monday, July 4th, occurs in the sign of Krabs. It's as if you want to include new people in your life, you'll want to know people who are very different from the environment you're used to, the social environments you're involved in, and you'll want to bring new ideas into your life, discuss new ideas with them, and implement projects so you can make new beginnings. But it will also be a challenging process for you, there is a planet Pluto right opposite the formation of the new moon, it can create crises in the subjects you want to transform, it can be a bit painful for you. There's a square of Saturn and Neptune outside Of Pluto during the week; all other angles are positive and increase your commitment to spirituality. A week in which you will be patient and disciplined, mature and dignified, and approach things with fortitude, will be waiting for a surprise on Saturday on the issues of love and love. Have a nice holiday already, see you next week...


Virgo zodiac sign

Dear Libras and rising sign Libra, you welcome the week with a very good start, an offer or a project in business matters, this new moon brings you what you want to do in your career home and offers you opportunities; but you may also have to sacrifice some things, maybe suspend your home and family life a little. In the middle of the week, the moon will switch to Aslan, you will receive support from your close relatives, your surroundings, this time you will come together for a lot of sightseeing and fun. Friend meetings and invitations will be prominent. Libras, who have a relationship in your love and love issues, are in a week of harmony and beauty, and those who are alone are lucky, and during the week, there will be many people around you who wink at you. Towards the end of the week you will want to create opportunities to meditate, to be introverted, to be alone. You're going to need some rest. I wish you a happy holiday already, see you next week...

Libra zodiac sign

Dear Scorpions and rising sign Scorpions, the new moon occurs in your 9th house; media, international relations, publishing, foreign travel, foreign affairs, education, religion and beliefs are nudged to innovate in your household. Starting something in these areas, taking steps, having a new idea will motivate you at the beginning of the week. The new moon, which will take place on The 4th of July, will be in the sign of Krabs, a sign from a group of water like you. Your small movements can suddenly become big projects. In the meantime, it is possible that you will make some changes to your communication household, maybe have some crises. You'll be thinking about business and talking business all week. You're going to question your connection to your mother, maybe you'll be able to give her the love and support she needs. A week in public, where you'll present to everyone what you're going to do. In matters of love, this week you are the only one who wants to have the same dream with the person you love, to realize the same mission. I wish you a happy holiday already, see you next week...

Scorpio zodiac sign

Dear Sagittarius and rising sagittarius Sagittarius, the new moon that will occur on July 4th will be in your money household jointly, while it is possible to sign new partnerships, on the one hand, if there are Springs who want to buy a house or buy a land, who want to invest, a hefty money outflow; taking out loans, borrowing money, and maybe a legacy issue will be on your agenda. 8. The new moon in your home will trigger you to share gains, as well as the monetary household of your partner or loved one, which will lead to innovations in this field, perhaps your partner may have a new earnings gate or receive an offer this week. Yes, in general, it's a week of luck. Your spirituality is high, you want to make your dreams come true as of this week. As a result, you may feel that you have been patient enough and that you are now at the end of the road. But I have to say it's too early for that, you're going to need a little more time, dear Springs. As for love and love, it's a good week for those who are together, calm and serene. Those who are alone may be interested in bankers, accountants, managers who manage other people's money or have the opportunity to meet. Stay with love, have a good holiday already, see you next week...

Sagittarius zodiac sign

Dear Capricorns and rising sign Capricorns, this week you are opening the week with all your strength and the demand that I have a relationship that you cannot stop, that a new page will be opened. The new moon in crab sign coincides with your marriage house, capricorns with whom they have unions, when making decisions to take their relationship to the next level; Love opportunities are on the doorstep for those who are alone. This new moon will give you the opportunity to start a new relationship; On the other hand, collaborations, new signatures, new contracts are also on your agenda. In this case, some crises and transformations will be inevitable, of course, because it takes an opposing angle from Pluto during the formation of the new moon. As this begins something new for you, it will also be poking you to kill the old completely inside you, to be sure of yourself, to change some of your personality traits. It's essential for your development and transformation. Throughout the week, joint business, signatures are on the agenda, a week is waiting for you in harmony and balance with the people you do business with, at the weekend, out-of-town trips, visits to foreign places, international issues come to the fore. Your heart is so wide and your heart is clean; What you want will be one this week. Have a good week already, have a good holiday...

Capricorn zodiac sign

Dear Aquarius and rising sign Aquarius, your daily routine has increased a lot, something new is added every day, you should choose Monday, July 4th, the first day of the week to make some innovations in your work environment or home. The new moon in Crab sign coincides with your 6th house. Various organizations have the appropriate influence to make arrangements, in the process it is also worth being cautious about health issues. You should also make the necessary arrangements in health issues, try to comply with your dietary pattern, dietary schedule. In the middle of the week, the moon switches to Aslan, you enter a process where you want to be with the person you love. You're going to have to go over it more, you're going to have to go somewhere together. During the week, the harsh angles of Uranus tell you that you may be exposed to some surprising news, while the square angle between Saturn and Neptune is also; When you think about things, you have to think for the better and the bad, and be ready for any situation, he tells you. Try not to be around people who are mentally unhappy and pull you down this week. Have a nice holiday already, see you next week.

Aquarius zodiac sign

Dear Fish and rising zodiac Fish, great surprises are waiting for you this week on the issues of love and love, pregnancy thinkers there are supportive effects on this for fish this week in the air; You have to fall on it and evaluate this beautiful new moon. The new moon in crab sign will be falling into your children's household. For the single fish, there are days of love and fun this week. You will be a good organizer in these matters and will be involved in enjoyable activities that you enjoy doing. This is a week where you want to show yourself. For those of you who enjoy daydreaming and creativity in the middle of the week, it will be in effect at hard angles, your ruling planet is actually taking a square angle from Saturn during the week; When you dream, you risk suddenly crashing to the ground. The truth can sometimes be overwhelming. During this period, it will have much more positive consequences for you to be more interested in things that may be tangible and sustained. I wish you a happy holiday already, see you next week.

Pisces zodiac sign
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