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What awaits you during the university preference process?

The time is approaching for perhaps one of the most important of the many choices in life. After the difficult years they had while preparing for the exam, the young people took the expected exam and completed the final stage. This fall, they will now cross the thresholds of change for themselves and their families and move on to different lives. While the biggest and true goal of the last few years for them is to prepare for the university exam, they are now expected to make a different choice and make a decision that will affect the rest of their lives.

At this stage of choice, of course, they try to take into account the wishes and suggestions of their families. Although they do their best to realize themselves by imagining the best for their children, it is very important to keep the wishes and dreams of young people at the center when making this important choice.

"It's very important that young people find what they do meaningful"

The search for meaning in human life continues from the beginning to the end of life. From the moment they are born, children begin to build their axis of meaning on the truths and values of their parents. Creating who they are is shaped by their right, wrongs, desires, experiences they love and do not like, as well as by the transfers of their families. Due to the system that does not prioritize uniformity and individual differences in the education system, children get used to living in a system where decisions are made for them in advance. Then they are expected to make a choice that will affect their lives just when their personality changes the most and they look for themselves. Sometimes the wrong choices can be made because it is not possible to calculate what they will bring when making this choice.

When you face difficulties in your life, you find more power to spend on jobs that you find meaningful. Therefore, it is very important that the path they choose during this selection phase is on a course that makes sense to them. Our young people, who cannot separate their parents' wishes from their own dreams, sometimes prefer parts that they do not want very much. It is very important that they find their work meaningful, both in terms of academic success and in order to be successful in business life for the rest of their lives.

Being the light for them to find their own way

In this process, parents as adults should be careful to look out for their children's dreams and desires. Since it is not yet possible for them to imagine the distant future in terms of life experience, it is necessary to show young people the roadmaps that different routes can bring at this stage. For example, the engineering department should not be selected only to obtain the professional title. The fact that his work while earning his life as an engineer is meaningful, and that he feels that he has contributed to realize himself, will add value to his efforts. That's why parents should be the lights that illuminate their way into the world to realize the dreams of their children, who they witnessed coming into the world. They should prioritize the task of sharing their options and what they bring on the road and supporting them to draw their own roadmaps. It is very valuable for a child to share their achievements with their parents throughout their life, to see their happy reflections on their faces like a mirror.

Although they may not always make the right choice, they must feel accepted in all circumstances so that they feel that their parents' support is with them, that they strive to learn from their mistakes, and most importantly, that they never lose the strength and motivation to continue on their own path. At the end of the road, whether they are engineers, doctors, musicians or artists, it will be most important that they are happy, feel valued and always keep in mind that they are accepted for their failures as well as their achievements.

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