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What awaits the horoscope in 2018? (Crab-Lion-Virgo)

Dear Crabs and rising zodiac Crabs, this year you're learning to say no! When I looked at your map, the first thing that caught my attention was the moon's anti-Saturn. As last year, this year will be a year that is both challenging and contains beauties, and you will continue to grow stronger. Saturn, which is in your relationship household, will lead you to move forward with more discipline and responsibility in this field. The features that make you who you are are more prominent this year. But your sensuality and sensitivity will work a little more in the background. You're going to stand up for things and be more cautious. Aslan-Aquarius recommends that you stand on your own two feet when it comes to eclipses, work and money! A year is waiting for you where you can be much more successful by using your own skills and mind. The fact that Jupiter is in Scorpio brings new loves and flirtations for the single ones, while making the Crabs who are expecting children smile... But I suggest you look around, not far away. If you prefer the one who cares about you and not the hard one this time, you can have a very enjoyable time in love. Have a nice year, stay with love....

Cancer zodiac sign

Dear Lions and the Lion of the rising sign, 2018 will be a year of continued fateful influences. The effects that started last year will be more dominant this year, but it will benefit you. A year in which you will put yourself forward, take new steps, make breakthroughs is waiting for you. While your personal characteristics stand out, you can turn your earnings into investments and make new financial breakthroughs. The courses, courses, trainings you have taken this year are all one and will benefit you in the years to be learned. Whatever you can get, how much you can do, say ok to them all, don't hesitate to try, don't forget it's your job to step up and have courage. The usual Lion energy and ego are affecting a little more people this year! It's actually getting easier to understand who's friends and who's enemies. Saturn's advancement in Capricorn emphasizes that you need to bring order to your daily life, while you must be disciplined in health and nutrition issues! You should add regular sports to your life and take care of your nutrition. It is also a suitable year to acquire a pet, to take on new responsibilities. It's going to be a positively active year for love. Many social organizations are waiting for you. Have a good year, stay with love...

Leo zodiac sign

Dear Virgos and those who are the rising sign Virgo, you love it, you will feel it more this year, especially in home and family matters, you will be able to express yourself well and be happy with the energy that surrounds you. Of course, there are some challenging conditions this year, of course there are barriers, there are limitations. But this time you're going to try a tactic like this: you're going to be discreet, you're going to have the logic of "Tell your friend, your friend's friend" logic. You will learn to move forward without having to get approval from people with only your own ideas and projects. Yes, eclipses in Capricorn sign of Saturn and In The Sign of Jupiter Scorpio, 4/5 also take place in Aslan and Aquarius. In this case, you will get luck and opportunities on the side of the brothers, make a breakthrough in commercial matters, and be more fluent in your communication! You will not share everything with everyone and you will learn to keep it within yourself. You'll say goodbye to the old and leave what you have to leave behind. Let it be a year when you make your dreams come true, stay with love...


Virgo zodiac sign
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