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What awaits the horoscope in 2018 (Capricorn-Aquarian-Pisces)

Dear Capricorns and rising sign Capricorns, you will make new decisions about yourself and you will want to fulfill them with great responsibility. You will be more disciplined, heavy, mature and aware of your responsibilities than ever before because your ruling planet Saturn is now in your sign. On the one hand, you will feel stronger and braver than you are, while facing the truth more. Capricorns who have financial problems or feel they do not get what they deserve should earn income from joint work rather than doing business without approval on their own. Capricorns, who are alone for many Capricorns who will be in the subject of marriage for love and relationships, will want to give love another chance to the old ones. You will be the sought after person in social settings this year, there are many events, invitations and friendships. Your hobbies and the subjects you enjoy change. This year, you'll realize it's not too late for things and decide to move on. Make it a beautiful year, stay with love...

Capricorn zodiac sign

Dear Aquarius and Aquarius of the rising sign, this year still has fateful effects for you, as well as much more effectively. Change whatever you think of yourself and replace it. Your idealistic nature, your friendliness continues, but this time, provided you value the rights of others a little more. It's actually a year you're going to give to the other side more than yourself! The eclipses and moon knots that take place in the Lion-Aquarius axis emphasize the necessity of this and want to tell you that this is the only way to complete it. It's time to give the ropes to the other side... Let you not think about everything, let the other side think a little, let him manage, he coordinates. You watch and let it flow. The issues you're lucky to have this year will be career and marriage. You will take serious steps and be drawn into fateful cycles. The issues you are struggling with are the jobs that are turned around, some intrigue, the actions of some people can tire you out. For better or worse, we are entering another year and we have to face challenges as well as conveniences. Once these events have happened, you will behave with more emotions to distinguish, eliminate and let go. Your ruling planet Uranus changes the zodiac sign in June and enters Taurus and stays there for 7 years. Many Aquarius will fall in love this year, a truly stunning year awaits you. Make it a beautiful year, stay with love...

Aquarius zodiac sign

Dear Fish and the Rising Pisces, you start the new year with brand new dreams and ideals. you want to travel, have fun, discover new places. Friendships are important to you this year. Saturn, on the other hand, moves to Capricorn, bringing lasting friendships into its life. Although there have been some qualifiers, you will continue with serious arrangements in this area. Maybe there's going to be a phenomenon in your life this year that you've been planning and can't do for a long time. Yes, the eclipses take place in the Lion-Bucket axis. As last year, it's time to open up your inner world, to share more, to tell more! It's time to embrace your day-to-day work more, laziness, loneliness is no longer attractive to you. You have to be with people and pursue how to make your dreams come true. You will spend more time with your children and turn your work life into entertainment. New travel and relocation will also be on your agenda this year. Make it a beautiful year, stay with love...

Pisces zodiac sign
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