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What awaits the horoscope in 2017? (Libra Scorpio-Sagittarius)

Dear Libras, Jupiter will move in your sign until the end of October, the planet of abundance and abundance, Jupiter makes you the luckiest sign of the year. You have to make the most of it and make the most of the opportunities that come your way. Investments, earnings, surprises, marriage, engagement, love, money.


Since Venus will only be moving backwards in March and April, it can be a friction and tense period for you in terms of bilateral relations. After that date, you'll have the opportunity to move more smoothly and comfortably. In February and August, when the moon and sun eclipses occur, you will need to pay the most attention to the topic of friendship, events that develop in your social environment can affect you. Saturn, which is in the same place as you can see the communication issues and your inner circle, is in the same place this year! Therefore, you can get stuck in obstacles in short trips and close environmental relations. Thanks to Jupiter, I'm sure you'll get through all this with ease.

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Dear Scorpions, you are the second lucky sign of the year! After Jupiter completes its journey on Libra, it will now switch to your sign and give you confidence, comfort and refreshment. Internally, you'll start to feel it in the first half of the year. You will be able to find the right conditions to relax your mind, to cleanse your subconscious. However, the difficulties in money and finances are not over yet.

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Saturn's journey will continue to push you through this house. You have to try to take care of your money, adjust your income and expenses scheme well and get over it by being well organized. You are open to good developments in the second half of the year in terms of love and love. You throw away everything that's old this year, and you make room for new ones. Fatefully, the periods of change will be February and August, and the lunar and solar eclipses that will occur during these months can lead you to career and home changes.


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Dear Sagittarius, your luckiest point is that your friends will support you this year and encourage you to open up to new horizons. You can take part in social responsibility projects more and achieve your dreams with the support of respectable people around you. You need to evaluate the first half of the year in particular. Saturn, as it is known, is in your sign this year, continuing to mature you, undergoing tests and testing your patience.

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Now you'll have better feet and get to know yourself better. You'll be able to handle your responsibilities, you'll be able to get up when you fall. You're in a year where you have to give yourself up for your job and fight for your career. It will be a positive year for serious draws and those who want to take their relationship to a serious level. The fateful change will take place in February and August, when periods of eclipses will occur. This year, you will be most affected by travels, education, religion, philosophy, commercial initiatives, and issues related to your close and distant relatives.

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