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Weight gain in pregnancy with 4 questions

No additional calories are needed during the first period of pregnancy. Although no additional calories are needed, proper nutrition is extremely important. If you are experiencing disruptions in your diet in your routine life, if you are using your nutritional preferences in favor of the wrong foods, you should abandon these habits as soon as possible. For your baby's intelligence development to progress smoothly, you should create a balanced and accurate nutrition program. If you are a weak expectant mother, you will need extra energy during your pregnancy. Therefore, you may need to increase your routine diet and get more calories during this process, when you are waiting to be reunited with your baby.

The initial period of pregnancy, that is, the first 3 months, is the process in which the pregnant women gain the least weight. The ideal weight to be taken in this process is between 1 and 2.5 kilos.  In the continuation of the 3-month process, gaining half a kilo every month is the weight gain pattern that we obstetricians ideally specify. However, we specifically state that overweight expectant mothers should receive 250 g. per week.

Excess weight during pregnancy brings with it various problems. If you exceed the weight gain recommended by your doctor, the probability of delivery as a caesarean section may increase by 20% to 30%. In addition, problems such as complaining of back and hip pains and elevated blood pressure may occur. All these complaints are the source of a difficult birth. Less weight gain during pregnancy is indicative of nutritional deficiency. This can cause developmentary retardation in the baby.

Weight status may vary according to the body mass index of the expectant mother during her pregnancy. If the expectant mother is overweight or extremely weak during her pregnancy, weight gain should be regulated and monitored by doctors. It is also the same for expectant mothers expecting twins.

We point out that the ideal weight gain during pregnancy should be between 9-12 kg. However, weight status may vary depending on the age of the expectant mother. When the expectant mother became pregnant; if it has a weight lower than the ideal weight, that is, if it is weak: 12-18 kilograms, if it has more weight than the ideal weight: we recommend that it take 7-9 kilograms. At the suggestion of your doctor, you should regulate your eating habits with a dietitian follow-up during pregnancy lasting 9 months.

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