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Weekly horoscope reviews (November 23-29)

Neptune, one of our generation planets under the sign of Pisces, will be moving to its stationary position and its direct movement before the night, which connects 28 November to November 29.

Neptune points to a process that we need to be careful about the direct action of Pisces with mercy on ourselves and ignoring what is happening around us. It also points to a process where someone needs to come from our location and give up their tendencies to rescue us. Our tendencies to get rid of the constraints of the physical world may increase. We might think that running away would be the solution. But this will lead to another troubled process that will not go beyond just dragging into chaos. As I mentioned in many articles, we said, “Where we ran away, we take what we ran away.” Arriving into the comprehend of passing will be able to calm us spiritually.

If we

look at this week's overall emphasis, we may have more crisis inclinations while there is no crisis. Surrender comes among the first rules. We should take advantage of the solvent and healing properties of water, and we can take advantage of the Moon becoming visible as we approach the retention process. Until then, we must be able to understand that acting impulsively will not benefit. We can aim to be useful in trade and bilateral relations and to bring our creative features to the fore.

With the transition of the Moon to Aries, we can benefit from elemental harmony and I can use our healer features instead of being centrist. We can take advantage of acting more wise and rational.

Instead of being nervous and angry, we can develop activities that can recover our courage. In the point of how we can be more useful for both ourselves and our future, we can develop our defense battles, perhaps as they used to be, to develop strategies by spearheading chess stones. We can even be encouraging to be in unity.

We can reach the unhealthy growing anger within us and the reperation that we can all overcome whatever makes us weak.

We can

read books that can improve our mental power, persuasion abilities.

If we are

in the desire to put an end to our bilateral relations that suddenly begin, ending, we stand against someone else's doing, “how can I behave this way I would not behave.” It can benefit us to dwell on the issues we say. We can refer to the understanding that developing empathy and focusing on the fundamentally underlying root problem can only lead us to healthy relationships.

While it benefits to be able to change our perspective, look from a broader perspective. We'll experience a week when we need to think, perceive and reach the opinion of what we really want...

This week, new beginnings on material issues, new initiatives can be revealed. These initiatives can mean the discarding of the seeds of your future success and abundance. Success can inevitably exist in your life, if you literally focus on your goals. You must act with confidence in yourself and keep your motivation high.

Neptune goes to its direct movement. You must regain your self-confidence. Instead of focusing on what's happening around you, you can experience focusing on yourself. You can get the principle of not listening to the work that turns behind you. You are entering a process in which you can determine the direction of your goals yourself. You should take in your hands the will of the words that come out of your mouth. The weight of the sentences you will set up may be the first steps that lead you to a major transformation.

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