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Weekly horoscope reviews (November 13-19)

Dear Coaches and rising sign Coaches, on Monday in The Moon Virgo in the new week, we are perfectionists and detailers, and we like to criticize those around us. One of the big sky news this week is that two good planets in the sky, Venus and Jupiter, will meet. They're going to drag you into a joint sleep. If there is a debt that you cannot pay, it will offer you ease of payment. Your love and love topics will be fine at the weekend, you will find yourself in pleasant environments with your friends after switching to Ay Libra. The harmonious angle in the sky connects you and your loved ones. Stay with love, have a good week.

Aries zodiac sign

Dear Bulls and rising taurus Bull, we start the new week when the moon is in Virgo, making you picky and detailed about your hobbies, increasing your dextenance and weighing yourself carefully. When you say taking care of your children's work, homework, hustle and bustle, you enter a week of increased responsibilities. There's a new moon in the sign of Scorpio on Saturday. There's a good chance you'll meet someone new in this new moon, and you're solving problems in your existing relationship. Some secrets may be revealed in your business environment this week. Your daily pace is quite high. There is a truly happy reunion in the sky, especially in health issues, you will smile, a relative or yourself will have an improvement in their health conditions. For Bulls, whose love and love situations are single, someone you will meet in your work environment may be tempted this week. Those who are together are already happy. Stay with love, have a good week.

Taurus zodiac sign

Dear Gemini and rising gemini, we start the week at a square angle between the sun and the moon. The moon moves in Virgo. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in Sagittarius. You may have some conflicts with authority figures earlier in the week. In general, it will be a week in which you will take the initiative on home and family matters. You will want to be at home and try to solve problems with your family. There's going to be realization in some things, and you're going to look at things from different angles. In the second half of the week, the moon switches to Libra. On Saturday, there will be a new moon. There are appropriate effects for twins who want to have children, the attitude of single spouses is important. There are difficulties with partnerships and payments. You're in a week where you have to balance them well. I don't think it's right for you to be distant, you're wiggly, talkative, aggressive people. Stay with love, have a nice week.

Gemini zodiac sign

Dear Crabs and rising zodiac Crabs, yes, you start the week when the moon is in your 3rd house, when you are in Virgo. Your dialogues with your brothers and sisters are very good, your communication and writing skills are going well. Your idea of trading will work out well if you cooperate. You might have a hard time with your kids at the beginning of the week. You should wait a while to avoid speculation, not to be interested in gambling, to make your investments in the right places. You can make drops and losses. Relationships need to be fair, not entitled, civilized, both sides. At the weekend, the moon will move in the sign of Scorpio, and the formation of the new moon is a very good period for the astrology and occult studies in question, you should take care of the things you will be excited about and develop your hobbies. Stay with love, have a nice week.

Cancer zodiac sign

Dear Lions and rising sign Lions, we start next week in The Moon Virgo, a transit that affects your material space. It's a process where you can think about money and work for your finances.  You will be ambitious and successful. You're going to want people around you to put pressure on. Starting Tuesday, you will see opportunities for children, hobbies, love affairs, being on stage, enjoying life, getting into a more optimistic and cheerful mood. On Wednesdays and Thursdays in The Moon Libra, you will want to talk, talk, tell and be in touch with your surroundings. At the weekend, you may overestimate your appetite, eating and drinking, overconfident and taking risks in unfamiliar matters can be dangerous, especially in matters of love and love. Your love life has been up and down for a while, and things are clearer this week. On Saturday during the formation of the new moon, you have a strong energy to find solutions. Stay with love, see you next week.

Leo zodiac sign

Dear Virgos and rising sign Virgos, yes, we start next week when the moon is in your sign, which gives you some very strong energies. Your perfectionist spirit is revealed and your detailing becomes clearer. You start the week with what you want to do and layout and new applications in your work environment. It's a good week to get your head around it and get your hands on the job. Yes, when I look at your love affairs this week, you may be surprised that Jupiter and Venus will be in my reunion, with loving or even exaggerated feedback. You've got an ambitious and combative week ahead of you on business, and you're like, "I'll do better than revenge or revenge." With this attitude, you should try to stay in balance. Your money matters are getting better. Stay with love, have a nice week.

Virgo zodiac sign

Dear Libras and rising sign Libras, you want to start the week by making a plan program and listening to your own inner voice. The moon is in Virgo and encourages you to be indoors, forcing you to be alone, meditate, do spiritual work and finish your boring work as soon as possible. This week you have the ability to strengthen your communication with your neighbors, friends, brothers and sisters, to gather a lot of people around you. You can feel happy and safe, as well as writing, creating a computer program, communication tools will be at the forefront for you. Since the moon will move in Libra from Thursday on love issues, it will be easier to take the initiative, you will gather your confidence and you will want to take action. You can evaluate it in terms of socializing and traveling. You can change what you want to replace with the formation of a new moon at the weekend and review your value judgments. It's your job to be fair. Your objective point of view adds value. Stay with love, have a nice week.

Libra zodiac sign

Dear Scorpions and rising scorpions, you can start the new week with amazing news from your friends, the positive angle between the moon and Uranus emphasizes that you will have an extraordinary start. But competition is also needed earlier in the week. We start the new week at Moon Virgo, as your social organizations increase, this is a transit that has the appropriate effects for any plan program. The moon visits Libra after Virgo and then your sign. This week is a good time to stay in the background and make decisions on your own, you can have patient visits, you can reach out to people in need. When the moon moves to Scorpio, you will have more dynamic and intense emotions over the weekend. The new moon will push you to the beginning. In matters of love, this week's Reunion of Venus Jupiter is a very good reunion. Stay with love, see you next week.


Scorpio zodiac sign

Dear Sagittarius and rising sign Sagittarius, with Saturn and Mercury in your sign, indicate that you are now really mature in your ideas and moving away from people who talk about meaningless things, starting to look at life from a realist point of view. That's a good thing. After all, while you are interested in more concrete and serious issues in your ideas and thoughts, you are making efforts to bring them to life. The new moon in Scorpio at the weekend will make you intend to say goodbye to the old. It's time to put things behind you and it might be a weekend when you want to be alone and relax. Your head is getting clearer and you have support from your friends. People in your social circle are helping you. In matters of love, there may be a distance in bilateral relations. Stay with love, goodbye.

Sagittarius zodiac sign

Dear Capricorns and rising sign Capricorns, you are conservative and stubborn in your ideas this week, featuring a Saturn Mercury that takes place in your 12th house. It's like you want to get stuck in the past and uncover a secret, investigate classified matters. In fact, you have a structure that doesn't like to share your ideas too much, it's about keeping it to yourself and being discreet about it for you this week. We start in The Moon Virgo, you may be making travel plans for the next week, for the coming days, it may be related to this business or there may be situations such as foreign partnerships, opening a business abroad or buying and selling goods. It will be good for you to meet with and have a dialogue with your distant relatives. In matters of love and love, Venus will be reunited with Jupiter this week. It's a great angle for what you want to change and transform. It's about being fair and giving people the necessary value. You know you can't take it without giving it away. You must respond to what the other side has given you. Good if it's good, bad if it's bad. Stay with love, have a nice week.

Capricorn zodiac sign

Dear Buckets and rising sign Aquarius, illness, surgery, patient visits, maybe someone who works with you may have such situations, or if you have a pet, you may have to deal with such situations. We start next week in Virgo. Joint affairs, payments are at the forefront... From Tuesday, it will be good for you to enjoy the projects, new circles of friends, socialize, start enjoying life. You will be able to mobilize your cheerful and positive side. But in the meantime, you'll know who's a friend and who's an enemy. You guys are very friendly, which is a very good thing in a sense, but on the other hand, not everyone is your friend, it's important to find that balance. You will turn to consistent and stable people in their conversations. It will give you pleasure to be together with more philosophical, knowledgeable, fuller people. The new moon in the sign of Scorpio will make you productive in your business life. Kovalar, who is single for your love life, is very likely to meet someone new in social settings. Stay with love, goodbye.

Aquarius zodiac sign

Dear Fish and rising zodiac Fish, yes, the moon is in your opposite sign, we start the new week in Virgo, it has a strong energy. Feelings of ambition and competition as we begin the dominant week. You can try to impose something on him, especially in your bilateral relations, or vice versa, he may try to be the authority to put pressure on you. In this context, you can be broken and upset. You may need to take a stand in your business dealings. Venus Jupiter reunion in matters of love and love is another remarkable angle of the week. You have a number of situations that affect your social life. You don't enjoy the same things together. You need to solve this problem. He's excited about something else, you're on a whole new issue, so it's a process where you have to find the middle ground and be fair. However, it is the time to wish and you can write your wishes on a paper and pray and totem for your wishes. The new moon in Scorpio at the weekend may leave you with a new project or cause you to go on the offensive for a new education. Stay with love, see you next week.

Pisces zodiac sign
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