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Weekly horoscope reviews (May 24-30)

We're entering an important week. First, we start next week with the course of the Moon Scorpio. We can evaluate to deal with financial issues, to quickly complete our work in this area.

A crucial lunar eclipse will take place in Sagittarius on Wednesday. Each of us can gain important awareness in our lives and enter into fateful changes. It's important that we know it's not a good week to make sudden decisions.

Thursday will be a tense decider between Venus and Neptune. With this effect, there may be misconceptions and frustrations in our bilateral relations. We may have to be careful not to put too much meaning in people, not to enter into high expectations.

Saturday May 29, 2021, Mercury will first be in a stationary position, then begin its Retro movement. We have to evaluate the process by the end of the week to finish all our important work that requires communication, to back up our data on the electronic devices we use somewhere, to make decisions. Because when Mercury begins its movement back, it may not be the right time to make an important decision, to step into new jobs, to make new beginnings.

Note: You should read according to your ascending sign. If you don't know, you can read according to your Sun sign. 

We can enter a process in which we can explore the aspects of our life that we want to go to, change our perspective. Issues such as our dreams, beliefs, travel, education, and law can come to the fore. We can have days when our compassionate approaches will increase in our relationship with our relatives. Spending time with our inner circle, exchanging ideas, and turning to activities that we will enjoy may be on our agenda. As of the weekend, we can enter a period where we should be careful not to make quick decisions, we will reconsider our ideas, our thoughts, our agreements. Misunderstandings, misunderstandings can come to our agenda more. We can encounter pleasant developments in home, family themes.

We can experience new areas of experience on material issues, our financial resources. There may be a situation where we take missteps on material issues. Cautious progress can benefit. New sanctions and changes in the areas of common sources of income, inheritance, rights law may come to our agenda. Decisions may need to be made with the partner, the partner, the partner. Our passions can increase, we can experience significant inner awareness and transformations. As of the weekend, we may enter a period where we need to go over past issues related to our financial situation and reassess our steps.

We're entering a process where important decisions about our lives will be on our agenda. We may have differences of opinion on issues such as bilateral relations, partnerships, marriage. There may be uncertainty arising from the ambivalent attitudes of the opposite party. We may find it difficult to express ourselves, our feelings. As opposed to moving forward alone on career-related issues, situations such as adapting to other people's decisions may be on our agenda. As of the weekend, we can enter a period where we will review our decisions, requests, proposals, negotiations about our lives.

By returning to ourselves, we can evaluate the past and our future. Our working conditions can be intense, our workload can increase. This can tire us both physically and spiritually. In the middle of the week, we may encounter situations that can cause us to experience significant enlightenment in our inner world. Positive developments on health-related issues may be on the agenda. We may need innovations that will change our daily routines. This week we may be inclined to act on our emotional urges. As of the weekend, some situations that are hidden from us may come to light. We can witness the deeds that have been turned away from us. We can go into a process where we have to re-evaluate the concepts of the past in our minds.

We can experience important new areas of experience in love, relationships and the areas we enjoy. We may want to focus on areas where we feel pleasure, pleasure, passion.junkies, passions, passions. The desire to reveal our abilities, our creativity can increase. We may have to make decisions about issues that concern our financial resources, thinking about others. Pleasant developments and news related to our social environment can come to our agenda. It can be a week when we can develop new ideas for our goals and projects. But we may feel internally compelled to take action in the direction we want to move forward.  As of the weekend, issues related to our social environment, projects, and financial gains from work may come back to our agenda. We can review and evaluate the decisions we make in these areas.

We may encounter situations that change the circumstances of our lives. We can face multiple alternatives, and ambivalence can come to our agenda. Family, home, home areas can come to the fore in our lives. We may have to decouple the balance between home and work. In this area, sometimes we can be altruistic, and it may not feel good. We can move forward to a process where we review our beliefs and goals. As of the weekend, there may be past issues in business, career issues. We can reconsider the decisions we've made, the plans we've made, the agreements. As of the weekend, past concepts related to business-career issues may come to our agenda. We can move on to a period where we will reconsider the steps we have taken in this area for some time and the decisions we have taken.

We can go through a process in which we will be supported to make new beginnings in our lives. Whatever issue we are forced into, whatever burden we are burdened with, we may face important opportunities and chances that will allow us to breathe a sigh of relief. We can get good support that concerns our financial conditions. Our way of thinking, ideas, decisions, and travel can come to the fore. As of the weekend, our ambivalence can come into play. By devoting more time to thinking, we can move on to a period where we can evaluate if there are decisions we make, to complete our unfinished work. We may need to approach our words more cautiously on issues that require communication.

Concepts related to our financial resources can come to the fore. All the resources we have, material and spiritual, are in question... Situations can be raised where we can become clear in this area and experience important awareness. We can be more flexible in our spending, so a little more thinking, cautious progress can benefit. We may find it difficult to express ourselves in our agendas about relationships, about children. As of the weekend, we can reconsider our decisions and thoughts regarding material issues, loans, investments, debt payments. We can move on to a period where we can evaluate to complete our unfinished work in this area.

In a week we're important! Acting with our emotional impulses can come to the fore.  We can have a week where new decisions will be raised in line with what we want to do about our lives, our goals. 'What Have I been able to achieve in the process before this, what has been missing, what should I change?'We can look for answers to these questions. Bilateral relations may be our clearest point. We may experience situations where we try to balance decisively between ourselves and others, sometimes forgetting ourselves when thinking about others. We may have more hopeful approaches to life, and at this point we may not hesitate to take risks.  As of the weekend, we can enter a period where we will reconsider concepts related to relationships, partnerships, moving, and issues related to the past will reappear.

We can enter a process in which we will have significant awareness of our lives. The assessments that we will make in our inner world, focusing on our past and future, may be important during this period. There may be a period when we need to realize what is driving us down in an egosal sense. On the one hand, the inability to know which direction we will go, indecision may come to our agenda. These ambivalences can cause us to miss opportunities. Situations related to work that are turned around behind us can occur, and this can affect us emotionally. Our desire for change, which concerns our working environment, our daily routines, can be triggered. As of the weekend, we can move into a period where we will reconsider our ideas, our thoughts in these areas. Breakdowns in our bilateral relations, partnerships, and tensions may come to our agenda.

We can be in a more relaxed flow as we move forward with our goals, our goals. We can go into a process where we will be supported by new projects, social initiatives, jobs that require creativity. It is possible that the opportunities and support we will face in this process will come across as direct action. Our need for change can cause us to rebel against the rules within our lives. We can expect too much about love and flirting, and we can overestimate people. That can affect our frustration. There may be changes that concern our social environment, we may end some of our friendships. As of the weekend, past issues related to our bilateral relations may come on our agenda. Exes can knock on our door in an instant.

In situations related to our career, we can gain significant awareness that will affect our future. Our business, our relationships with managers, and the balance between home and work can come to the fore.Dec. 'Am I really at the point in my career where I want to be? Am I happy in this area? Am I able to decouple the balance between home and work?'We can go through a process where we want to clarify the answers to these questions, but our ambivalence can interfere with our direction determination. If we can go through a process where we have to keep our expectations to a minimum, the further away we are from disappointments. As of the weekend, we can come across past issues related to home and family, and we can enter a period where we will review our thoughts on what we want to do in these areas. 

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