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Weekly horoscope reviews (March 6-12)

Dear Coaches, you start the week with communication issues. The moon will be in Gemini, but the angles are a little rough, so there are situations that don't feel right. On March 10, Mars is transitioning to taurus, your ruling planet, and you will be ambitious to work harder financially and make money. This effect also makes it difficult to spend money, your financial space is very moving. On March 12, a full moon will occur in Virgo, you should team up with your colleagues and make some arrangements, sorting things out and organizing in your office or at home if you are not working. Since Venus is Retro in love matters, old loves are on the agenda, and you may have a secret admirer.

Aries zodiac sign

Dear Bulls, you start the week with material spiritual rest, you must make some changes, break your stubbornness and decide what is better for you. In this context, your work will be more efficient. On March 10, Mars is transitioning to your sign. In an area where he's not very comfortable here, he's actually coming to make you a stone of patience. You have to be patient and patient and be careful with sudden outbursts of anger. When Mars is in your sign, sexuality and love also become extra important, you can be more passionate and charming. At the weekend, on March 12th, a full moon will occur in Virgo, you are removing people from your life who do not feel comfortable.

Taurus zodiac sign

Dear Twins, the moon starts next week in your sign, you are very motivated and energetic, there is so much you want to do, you are in a state where you cannot decide which one to do. The moon will be exposed to some harsh angles at the beginning of the week, there may be obstacles to what you will do, there may be some limitations, maybe you may be nervous because of lack of funds or because other people don't value things as much as you do. On March 10, Mars is switching to Taurus. Writing in the background, keeping a diary, you'll benefit if you take out the anger you're pushing inside in prayer. Sleep disturbances are going to wear you out this week. On March 12, a full moon occurs in Virgo, taking place in your home and family area, beware of angry people. Your love life has its ups and downs.

Gemini zodiac sign

Dear Crabs, you'll be in good spirits on other days this week except Tuesday, tuesday the moon is in your sign, but in contrast to Pluto, remembering memories of the past can be debilitating. On March 10, Mars is switching to bull sign, coming to revive your friendship and social home, you will want to be in different groups of friends, different activities. Don't tire yourself out and let life go. A full moon takes place on March 12th. You may feel that you don't understand each other. The more free you set the loved one free in matters of love, the more you will feel that it has returned to you.


Cancer zodiac sign

Dear Lions, you're busy bringing your social and projects to life this week. It's like organizations, invitations lined up... You have many alternatives, it tires you out to join one and not be able to join the other. You know, nothing happens, or it happens, it all overlap... It's a week like that! On March 10, Mars is switching to Taurus. You're going to take some solid steps in your career, if you've got superiors, you're going to challenge them, you're going to remind people of your leadership qualities. Your working conditions are moving, a process that needs action and attack, bread will be in the lion's mouth, so to speak. The full moon in Virgo on March 12th may cause you to take things out of your hands in your material area, and a sale may take place.

Leo zodiac sign

Dear Virgos, as your chances of bilateral relations increase, you will enjoy the support you receive from the person you love. It is worth making some changes in career and work matters, monotony is not for you, you should make urgent decisions and not get caught up in small details. The full moon in your sign on March 12th can make you a little nervous and aggressive, during which you may feel that you do not get along with your surroundings. On March 10, Mars is moving into Taurus, your legal issues can gain momentum, there may be some planning mistakes in travel and international affairs, you can meet with a partner for a new project.

Virgo zodiac sign

Dear Libras, you want to look at life from another perspective and expand your vision, you can do this by acquiring new perspectives, mingling with people. You can start support campaigns for education and see that an unfinished education is supported. On March 10, Mars will switch to Taurus, your joint activities are increasing, there are borrowing or borrowing situations, you should pay attention to your spending. On March 12th, there is a full moon in Virgo, which is tearing you out of touch with the past and renewing yourself. You should also take care of your health during this period.

Libra zodiac sign

Dear Scorpions, you've been obsessed with your heritage issues, and you're enjoying dealing with these things and investigating what's going on, and you're enjoying finding the inside of things this week, as your investigative side comes out. It's also a good week to start a new diet on food and drink. On March 10, Mars is switching to Taurus, and as your value to your loved one increases, the gravitational pull between you will increase noticeably, but this shot can be both good and contentious. On March 12, a full moon takes place in Virgo; in some cases, especially in salary or promotion issues.

Scorpio zodiac sign

Dear Springs, the window you look at your work and life is expanding, finding new jobs and making your work more efficient in your hand, some of your troubles have actually caused you even more ambition and will return to you as a favor. If there is a doctor's appointment that you postpone on March 10th, mars taurus, do not neglect it and go through the checkup, follow the rules that need to be done, your work rush and your daily intensity increase. There's going to be a full moon about love on March 12th, and there's going to be people at home who can't get along with you. It might take some patience.

Sagittarius zodiac sign

Dear Capricorns, you have a lot to take care of, your communication is increasing, your distance with the person you love is getting better, although work and career seem important to you; In fact, you are the horoscope that needs love the most, that needs to be loved and valued. It's hidden behind your distant posture. You'll feel loved this week. On March 10, mars will switch to Taurus, encourage you to have children, discover new hobbies while your love life comes alive, and it is also worth paying attention to some angry and blood pressure environments. On March 12, a full moon occurs in Virgo, and problems with higher education, travel and legal issues may occur.

Capricorn zodiac sign

Dear Buckets, you enter the week with new plans and genius ideas; it's possible that you're stuck with some authority figures when you want to make them happen. The moon will be taking hard angles at the beginning of the week; In the middle of the week, you will set out to open up to the person you love and eliminate any friction between you. You can usually succumb to your ego and expect everything from the other side, you have to overcome it and take care of your own steps. On March 10, Mars is switching to Taurus, an ideal process for Buckets considering a change of home, while the full moon on March 12th will deter you from a partnership, there may be tensions in money shopping situations.

Aquarius zodiac sign

Dear Fishes, your house is crowded, you may have to spend more time at home, you can schedule plans for various organizations and celebrations. On March 10, Mars moves to Taurus and stimulates your close environmental relations, making you a more active, talkative but, in the meantime, a very tired Fish. You may receive some troubling news about your brothers and sisters. On March 12th, a full moon takes place in Virgo, the married Fishes should pay attention to the dialogues between them and their wives, and when the word comes out of the mouth, it may not take the return easily. In general, this three-day process for bilateral relations can be a bit of a nuisance.


Pisces zodiac sign
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