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Weekly horoscope reviews (March 22-28)

We start the week with an emotional energy. Home and family-related issues, the desire to be together with our loved ones, can be on our agenda Dec. We can have a week where we have to balance our emotions, communication and the way we approach issues, move forward calmly. With the tense interaction between Mercury and Mars that will take place in the middle of the week, we may need to pay attention to what we decry, what we say. We can have a bit of an aggressive, edgy, tough way of talking. It can be important not to act impulsively, to make decisions without thinking.

With The Sun-Venus reunion that will take place towards the end of the week, we can repair our resentments, express our love comfortably and take steps into new relationships. On March 28, the month will be filled at 8 degrees of Libra. Its effect on us will last for a minimum of 14 days. With the full moon in Libra, which will take place on Sunday, relationships, partnerships and important completions related to them, decisions can be in the circuit. We can define new directions in our lives.

Note: Rising you should read it according to your sign. If you don't know, you can read according to your Sun sign. 

We can start the week at an effect where issues related to our family, our home are at the forefront. We may need to balance work and family. It may be that issues about the past are raised. We can be a little harsh and hurtful when we talk about the issues we hold within us. With the reunion of the sun and Venus in our sign, our self-confidence can increase, we can be more remarkable. We can have new opportunities, we can make new breakthroughs. We can make important decisions for bilateral relations, open new pages in our lives.

We start off with an influence where we want to be together with our inner circle, side by side with those we feel like family, to communicate with them.Dec. We may be more inclined to make emotional decisions. Our exchanges of ideas with the people we do business with may intensify, but we may find it difficult to agree. We can be open to being aggressive and offensive. In financial matters, there may be unplanned expenses. It will be beneficial to stay calm to make plans, to make the right decisions, by staying on our own about the steps we want to take forward. From a health point of view, let's pay attention to our waist, kidney area.

We can log in next week, dealing with financial issues and income. We may be a little impatient and nervous because of uncertainties about our work-career life or future. With the effect of this, we can enter into discussions and show aggression. And we have to be careful not to be offensive in family relationships. We are in a pleasant week to fix decency with the people we resent in our social environment and to meet new people. As of the weekend, we can focus more on our love lives, situations related to the person we are with.

We can be in a supportive week to show ourselves, to make new initiatives. We can focus on our vision of life, our ideas. We can experience spiritually important awareness.  We can get good support for our goals from our social environment. If we have legal, commercial or overseas related issues, we may face negativity and be stretched. As of the weekend, good developments related to our career may come on our agenda. Our family relationships will be important.

We can start the week a little low on energy. Material issues can be on our agenda throughout the week. We may face difficulties in monetary matters related to our goals and objectives. There may be tensions about our social environment. New, good developments in legal areas may come to our agenda in our foreign-related businesses. As of the weekend, travel, education, agreements can come to the fore. Our communication with our immediate environment can intensify.

Bilateral relations, partnerships may be at the forefront at the beginning of the week. There may be uncertainty about our relationship. With the effect of this, we can become restless and aggressive. We must be careful not to enter into an argument when expressing our thoughts to the other side. As of the weekend, good developments on material issues may be on the agenda. We can have fateful changes about our career or our future. It may be important to maintain a balance in monetary matters.

At the beginning of the week, the topic of work and career may be at the forefront. We can get some good news about our business. We may have disagreements with the people we work with. Spiritually, we can feel a little stuck and overwhelmed. Our tension can affect our vulnerability. As of the weekend, bilateral relations or partnerships may be more on our agenda. We can make important decisions, we can experience important developments. If we're thinking about moving, we can be in a supportive process.

We're starting a week where material issues and love can be at the forefront of our lives. We can have good developments in our relationship. We may feel more emotional, and we may want to step in on relationship issues, intensify communication. But we may find it a little difficult to express ourselves when we communicate in the middle of the week. We can be open to misunderstandings, minor tensions. In material matters, problems related to our investments may be raised. As of the weekend, we can focus on New, important steps related to our business.

We can enter the week by dealing with financial issues, income and expense balance. In the middle of the week, unrest about home and family issues may come on our agenda. Important decisions can be made, such as relocation, marriage, divorce. Watch out for Wednesday! We may have communicative difficulties in our relationships. We can be angry, nervous and hurtful. As of the weekend, we can enter the process that will support us in the field of love, relationships. If there's someone we're interested in, we can find the courage to step in. There may be positive developments in children's issues.

We can start the week feeling a little emotional about bilateral relations. We can bring up past issues. It's a week where we have to be very careful in communication. In our business environment, a number of problems may come to our agenda on issues that we need to express ourselves on. Our inner circle, our differences with our brothers and sisters, our sensitivities can be in question. We should not rush this week to make important decisions, to make agreements. As of the weekend, there may be significant developments in matters related to our business-career life.

On the first day of the week, we can feel a little spiritually, emotionally. Our sentimentality can reduce our energy a little bit when we need to take care of the work we need to do. It's a week where we shouldn't be taking risks with monetary issues, investments. We may have communication problems in bilateral relations. We can be touchy. For the important issues we want to realize, we are under supportive effects to take steps. We can make long-term, lasting beginnings. For those who are not related, there may be the beginning of a new karmic Union. Important business deals, important decisions can come on our agenda.

We can spend the first days of the week thinking about emotional and past-related issues. Our creativity can increase. It could be a supportive week for our initiatives and new steps. In the middle of the week, we may have problems with our family communication. Because of differences of opinion, we can be open to discussions and resentments. We must proceed decisively in the contracts to be made when making decisions on issues such as house, land, relocation. As of the weekend, we can make new beginnings in financial matters and face good opportunities. 

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