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Weekly horoscope reviews (January 25-31)

Our agenda topics throughout the week are: communication, mediation, commercial agreements and contracts, land trading, research, information exchange.Dec. Due to The Mercury's Retro movement, which began over the weekend, there may be disruptions in cargo operations, transportation, especially on short trips, and thefts may increase. Watch out until the end of February! This period you may want to see interest and appreciation, get compliments. From the point of view of health, respiratory problems are at the forefront. Communication problems can also occur with the immediate environment, siblings, cousins and relatives. You can concentrate on your home, family, decoration work, work order and environment. There may be an agenda for your pets or employees.

At the beginning of the week, there may be fateful turns in bilateral relations. Your sense of belonging can intensify. You may not want to take responsibility and you can air it. Double control in written and oral communications will be to your advantage. Beware of incorrect sending in communication tools such as E-mail, sms and whatsapp. New agreements and contracts can be signed. It will be important for you to read the contract articles in detail before signing. You should pay attention to whether the content is qualified to meet your needs. 

On the second day of the week, you may not understand how time passes. If you are involved in social responsibility projects such as help and support, or if you say, “I was not involved in any project, but I fed orphans, I fed animals, I didn't eat rights,” you can also benefit from surprises. You can make investments such as houses, decks. You have to be careful to make affordable expenses. You can open a new account, you can save money. In particular, you should go to the bank and perform your transactions and not share the password of the accounts you have opened with anyone. You must take care of your health. You should not be angry at calls for help from authority figures, you should give them a helping hand.

You can stay between your home and work in the middle of the week Dec. In both areas, a sense of inadequacy can prevail as you strive for everything to be perfect. From time to time, you have to let life flow. Instead of going through everything alone, you should ask for help. Business and sudden travel may be involved. 

January 28, 2021, at 22: 16, we will experience a full moon in the sign of Leo. Hail to the souls roaring inside, Humble outside! As long as we are all lion tamers, we will witness that the full moon serves us. I will share our detailed article specifically for horoscopes.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you can get a little lazy. You can turn to things worth doing, if they're unnecessary, you can push them away. You may be subject to manipulation in bilateral relations. There may be unwarranted tensions. You can enter into a depressed attitude. 

January 29, 2021 at 18: 52 Mercury will be stable at 26 degrees Aquarius. For about two days, he'll say, “I stopped, listen to me.” 31 January 2021 at 18: 52 Mercury will switch to “backward movement” at 26 degrees of Aquarius. Retro will last until February 22 and will be flat at 11 degrees below Aquarius. 

This week, you may face disruptive attitudes and annoying situations in your bilateral relations. You may lose a valuable item. Being intertwined with people who want to achieve success by doing injustice to you can tire you out too much. It is useful for you to show the necessary courage and strength towards the people around you. You may have to make important decisions at the beginning of the week. It may be much better for you to postpone these decisions. You can be confronted with people who are selfish and read their own way. Possible differences of opinion can cause controversy.

You may be faced with the negative consequences of decisions that can be taken without thinking this week. You can have mixed thoughts in a mental sense. This could create tensions. New agreements and contracts can be signed. But you have to think in detail and read carefully. You can avoid possible inaccuracies. A new mental, spiritual, or emotional excitement may arise. The fluctuations that you will experience in your thoughts and emotions can lead to positive changes in your life.

This week, violence can replace Love and respect in your bilateral relations. You may be confronted with thoughtless attitudes and attitudes. For this reason, disputes and conflicts arising from tensions in bilateral relations may arise. It may help that you are more understanding, helpful. Lack of balance of shopping on material issues and excessive consumption, waste can put you in an economically difficult situation. A trip that comes at an unexpected moment can do you good.

This week you can make important decisions in your life. Serious decisions can lead to major changes. Especially in your emotional world, there may be fateful twists that can excite you. The existence of a person in your private life who can show you excessive attention, give you confidence, can lead to the emergence of a happy union. Failure to achieve a balance of purchases on material issues can cause your concerns and concerns about the future to arise.

This week, there may be initiatives in which you can achieve successful results in business, career issues. People you communicate with on a business occasion can force you. But being determined and confident will be instrumental in getting your efforts paid off. An increase in your earnings and financial opportunities can comfort you as a result of your search for confidence. You can have an inner relief when the news comes that you have been waiting for. At the same time, there may be new acquaintances in your emotional world. If you are a Leo who has a relationship, refreshing your relationship can be instrumental in the emergence of enthusiastic feelings.

The fact that people around you don't know your value this week can cause disagreements. In your business life, you can experience a process in which you can seek trust. New decisions that can be made without thinking can cause you to have a sense of regret in the long run. It is useful to act calmly, thinking in detail, so that there are no tensions or disagreements about work. In your emotional world, if you have a relationship, you can feel alone in the relationship. If you are alone, you can go on a number of searches, especially this week.

Big changes can suddenly occur in your life. Bold steps open to innovation can bring you happiness. You can experience exciting times of new initiative, new responsibility and new beginnings. Taking extra responsibility will help you become stronger. You may be looking for trust in bilateral relations. You're likely to have a week where you can question the thoughts of people around you, their view of you.

This week, after intense efforts and difficulties, especially on financial issues, you can experience improvements that can pay off your efforts. You can get rid of the boredom in your life and the weight on you. At the same time, talking to more than one person, meeting new people can cause you to be divided. For a relationship that you will build on the strong foundations you are looking for, it may be useful to focus on one person, rather than communicating with more than one person.

This week, you can be introverted, both financially and spiritually, and concentrate on yourself. You may be having a week where recession and inactivity are necessary, where you can close yourself to external factors. An unresolved problem from the past may be on your agenda again. In order to achieve the right result, it is useful to calm down, stop and act in detail. If you do not show hasty behavior, it may lead to better results on your part.

Showing logical approaches to problems in your emotional world can be instrumental in achieving solutions. Acting in your bilateral relations by listening to the thoughts of others can lead to conflict prevention. You can feel mentally comfortable this week. You can get rid of anxiety and worries and act in line with your goals. Especially on material issues, there can be productive work where you can get your work paid off.

Your search for confidence in your emotional world can negatively affect you. You may feel neglected. Instead of acting individually, you should spend more time with your friends, where your bilateral relations can strengthen. In order not to face tensions, differences of opinion, contradictions and obstacles in your bilateral relations, you must be conciliatory and carefully weave your words. Failure to achieve a balance of exchange on material issues can lead you to seek solutions and you can get tired.

That could go wrong constantly in your business that you may be suffering from. You can get more efficient results this week. In financial matters, there may be improvements in which you can pay for your efforts. You may face long-term unexpected opportunities for your well-being. Communicating with you from the past can cause you to relax emotionally and internally. Revealing serious and promising conversations that can be made can help you have an exciting week.

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