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Weekly horoscope reviews (January 22-28)

Dear Coaches, we started the week with low energy, you may be tired and exhausted, our joy of life may be diminished. It would be more useful to wait until midweek to regain our motivation and move on. We enter the moon in Pisces this week, and then it will move into your sign and shake you off and force you to do what you need to do. You should not strain your nerves against communication problems and stay stable. At the weekend, your love life comes alive, you can enter into new plans with your loved ones. New projects in the material field will be at work, you will be able to be calmer and constructive.

Aries zodiac drawing

Dear Bulls, a week in which you take on a tidal mood, you may think that you are both wrong and made the right decision in many things. You're starting the week in a mess. You might want to be alone in the middle of the week and dive into your plans. In some ways, finding the midpoint, speeding up communication can be useful. The person you love will support you, you will feel his help. At the end of the week, the moon will move through your sign, you will be able to focus on the issues that need concentration, you will ask the question of how much more efficient I can be by putting yourself to work. It will be good for you to cook, listen to music, walk outdoors, be intertwined with plants, nature.


Taurus zodiac drawing

Dear Twins, you can start the week obsessed and delusional with the past, you may feel lost in social activities. Give yourself some time, it's nice that you're versatile, but it wears you down to fall apart in all directions and not be clear. Try to focus on one thing. If it's work, concentrate on it, and the house is home. The person you love continues to live in their own stereotypes, it would be the wrong choice to put him out of the way, you have to support what he does on the contrary. At the weekend, the moon will switch to Taurus, hospital visits, charities, people to be taken care of are waiting for you. In the meantime, you can take an interest in meditation and yoga-style things and try them to relax.

Gemini zodiac drawing

Dear Crabs, a week to focus on business matters, you will be busy and brisk. Meetings, speeches, correspondence will follow one after the other. You have to try to be creative and enjoyable. Life goes on, you have many reasons to work and produce. In the meantime, your loved ones will be with you, and although your communication is cold and distant, you actually understand each other. A week of sherbet according to your water is waiting for you. It'll be good to socialize and get away for the weekend. Your popularity is growing, you've already become a sought-after person in groups of friends.

Cancer zodiac drawing

Dear Lions, a week of curiosity about the hidden, your investigative side comes into play. We started the week in The Moon Pisces, spiritual themes are at the forefront, you have an inward-working energy during the week when things will be in play for you jointly, this week you are going through a period where you need to direct this energy in the right direction and increase your creativity. Payments may have increased, unaccounted purchases, deferred invoices may be laid out in front of you. By the end of the week, the moon will be in Taurus, you will recover and you will be in front of everyone. Your work will be loud. The person you love continues to surprise you with unusual surprises.

Leo zodiac drawing

Dear Virgos, you start the week with new decisions, a week of shaking and renewing your frustration. There's a good chance you'll get the wrong people in your relationships, and sometimes you miss the big picture because your detailing is so ingrate. We start next week in The Moon Pisces, you want to make time for your loved ones, you don't have the opportunity from work and running, you will be able to feel better in the middle of the week and at the end, you will be able to do what you need to do about joint affairs and travel. It's a good process for those who want to start a new education.


Leo zodiac drawing

Dear Libras, a busy week begins for you, all kinds of traffic is fluid and communication based... You start the week with your work environment, your daily routines, your hustle and bustle where you work. There are support for siblings, for some Libras the issue of health will also be at the forefront, there are changes in doctor's controls, drug use, these issues... In general, your spiritual side outweighs your spiritual side, you are conscientiously comfortable with everything, I deserve it anyway or vice versa because you have internal conversations as if I had done it right. As a result, you are at peace with yourself. In your love life, there may be some obstacles and problems, or what you see as a problem can come back in front of you, you can overcome it by using your communication ability.

Libra zodiac drawing

Dear Scorpions and rising scorpions, you are in a week open to exaggerations, there are some fertile developments both in your personal life and in your work and social life. A week where you can make time for your activities and hobbies and have some fateful chances in your love life. But as I said at the beginning, you should be careful not to exaggerate, to keep what you are going through in a certain pattern. This week, your bilateral relations will be strengthened, and chances and opportunities will arise for the Scorpions who are alone... The person you want, just the person you dream of, can enter your life.

Scorpio zodiac drawing

Dear Sagittarius and rising sign Sagittarius, I observe that you are sensitive in this field while your home and family issues come to the fore. It's a little tense and stressful, maybe you've had a breakdown or illness. Or some Sagittarius may want to make changes to their homes, they may want to make initiatives on things such as home, real estate, land at the beginning of the week. By midweek, more vibrant, sociable and optimistic energies come into play. Everything will be even better for you if you can solve your communication problem with the person you love. This week the Moon leaves you with your daily routines, perhaps it's time to make an arrangement and exchange in this area. You're still sensitive about health issues, dear Sagittarius.

Sagittarius zodiac drawing

Dear Capricorns and rising sign Capricorns, as you start a new week, trying to be aggressive in marketing public relations, communication, media issues attracts you to better places. There may be good support and friendly help from your brothers and sisters, from those who are with you. By midweek, domestic issues, spouses, children, home layout stand out. This week, I suggest you stay away from all kinds of speculative, risky exchanges, gambling, gambling, but set sail for new loves. It will be healthier to use your energy in this direction. Someone you see every day can add meaning to your life and change your perspective. You're going to change your secretive structure this week.

Capricorn zodiac drawing

Dear Aquarius and rising sign Aquarius, you start the week by focusing on monetary matters and turning to your resources related to your business and material values. On the one hand, when you're winning, it may be frustrating to have to spend and not be able to save. You can try to be more active and sociable by using your communication skills in the middle of the week. Your smart and humanist side comes into play, you may want to try the new one. You are always the person of differences, who can change your thought patterns without changing your essence. This week, family matters come to the fore. Maybe there's something new going on with your father, you might start something new, or you might have attempts to buy a house. Although there may be some problems in the same household, the intensity and running will affect you as a family.

Aquarius zodiac drawing

Dear Fish and rising zodiac fish, you have had your wishes, but your patience has run out while you are. But you couldn't even be happy.... But it's good for you to turn to yourself, to take care of yourself a little bit, and you're going to get it together. Personally, your ideas change and you learn to look at life from a different perspective. While your midweek initiatives on money issues attract attention, new developments and news are coming to you, especially regarding your brothers or sisters, or close relatives, you will witness developments in your environment. Of course, it is inevitable that some old issues will not arise during this time period. When it comes to love, you should be wary of slight complications.


Pisces zodiac drawing
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