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Weekly horoscope reviews (January 20-26)

You will review your relationships with your friends, you can have opportunities to meet with what you have not seen, you can enter a more social period. You can experience developments related to your environment on social media and online platforms, join new platforms, and be invited to new groups.



It's the month that activates business matters of the year. You are entering a period open to developments and results related to your career and work life. You can gain awareness about your standing and responsibilities in front of the community and experience developments that will revive this issue. You will have more time to meet with your family and spend time.

This period can revive your press, publication, advertising topics and educational life. You are entering a period where you will have opportunities to travel. If you are married, meetings and meetings with your partner's relatives may increase. You can meet the close circle and siblings of the person you are in a relationship with. It's a good time to study, learn something.

Starting this week, you can see your resistance to change. What you call a crisis can actually be places where you refuse to change and resist the flow. There are times when those with agendas such as spouse's income, joint accounts, inheritance, alimony can get answers to them and there may be developments in these issues...

Aslan horoscopes will gain awareness about their relationship and marriage in the period starting this week and they will be open to developments in this field. There may be times when they will find answers to their legal processes and the results they expect will come. Your relationship with your competitors may come up.

These issues can be activated when the sun is turning on above your working life and working conditions. You can open the door to new jobs, you can take on new responsibilities. Topics and agendas may occur with colleagues you work with or people who work for you below you. You can gain new health-related routines and habits.

The sun, which will shed light on the life of the libras and the life of children, will provide developments and awareness in these issues for a month. You may want to manage issues related to your children and devote more time to their needs. This transition, which will revive your love life, can give you new introductions and encounters if you are alone.

The Sun, which will shed light on your home, living space and family living space, can offer improvements in these matters for about a month. You may have issues and agendas such as changing houses, renovating and renovating the living space. You may need to focus more on family issues.

The Sun, which will shed light on an area related to your close relatives and communication issues such as brothers and cousins, can offer revivals and developments in these matters. You can travel, visit relatives. You can see more of your brothers. E-mail and correspondence traffic may increase this month.

The Sun, which revives and shines a light on the economy and earnings households of capricorns, can make improvements in these issues and agendas this month. This transition, which will also increase your self-worth and self-love, can offer the luckiest month of the year economically. New jobs that will generate revenue in the future can be seeded.

The sky shows the Aquarius for a month with the transition starting this week. It's a time when you can put yourself first and stay in your own center.

In the process that begins with this week of the year, pisces will want to stay a little passive for a month and return to their own. There's going to be a time when you want to hear more of your inner voice. In terms of health, you can be a little sensitive and fragile, you need rest. The work intensity may increase, but if you don't take the time to work and get too hung up on the job, you may be powerless.

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