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Weekly horoscope reviews (February-5 March)

Dear Coaches and rising sign Coaches, you need to be a little isolated, you may need to think on your own, weigh and mow what you do, understand the shortcomings, where what was done, weigh and mow. Overall, you're more comfortable on Wednesday. Your dialogues and travels with foreigners will be at the forefront of your business matters. Money matters will be discussed between you and the person you love, a convenient time frame to get your wishes. If you are in love, the love of your dreams continues in a concrete and lasting way, a period open to delusions if you are alone... On March 4, the Venus retrospective begins and takes place in your field. In Aries, this backward movement is appropriate to step into a job that used to be in your mind, even to complete the work you have, to go over it. It's a time of misunderstandings in bilateral relations. Your ex can suddenly come back to you. Stay with love and goodbye until we meet the following week.

Aries zodiac sign

Dear Bulls and rising sign Bulls, you start the week by showing yourself in the social sphere, appearing in projects with your friends, environment, business team, enjoying life and an optimistic attitude. It's a good week overall, even though you have tensions from time to time. As always, you find a middle ground in love matters and manage to stay in balance. On March 4, Venus begins her retro movement in Aries; Since it's your ruling planet, I'd say you're most affected. Although retros create some delays, obstacles, aesthetic problems and frictions in bilateral relations, you will benefit from people you have previously communicated with. Starting sports, diet programs, courses, hobbies, flirting... There may be some obstacles for all of them. Stay with love and goodbye until I see you the following week.


Taurus zodiac sign

Dear Twins and rising zodiac twins, you are going through a very active and tiring process in your work and career subjects. While friendships and socially themed organizations strive to establish themselves within different projects, fatigue and frustration can be revealed. I can hear you saying why I'm doing it, if I don't, I don't want to deal with it anymore... Venus retrospective begins on March 4, there may be some problems in your friendship house. It will be useful for you to be isolated from what is going on outside, to be isolated, to pray, to increase your awareness. The idea of trying something you haven't done before in terms of love and love, going to different places, going on a trip you've already planned in your head can be nice. Stay with love and goodbye until we see each other next week.

Gemini zodiac sign

Dear Crabs and rising zodiac crabs, you start a week with a busy week of travel, overseas connections. But there are days this week when there are a number of contentious and unpleasant events that are low in energy, maybe low motivation, that you are not comfortable with in your work environment. In the middle of the week you will be able to be more sociable and active. You have various business connections and meetings and excursions. Much more productive friendships are gaining value for you at the weekend, you can evaluate them in terms of organizations and invitations. Meanwhile, the Venus retrospective, which begins on March 4th, will help you recycle something you've already done in business matters but haven't seen the benefits. Have a nice week, goodbye.

Cancer zodiac sign

Dear Lions and rising sign Aslan, your joint affairs and money issues come to the fore. Be sure to get an idea and consult when you're starting a business. "What's wrong with one hand is the sound of two hands" instill it in yourself this week. In your work, your perspective, perspective can change at any time and you benefit from it. On March 4, Venus begins its backward movement, you may have guests from far away, but in general it is a time to pay attention in bilateral relations. Do not close your door to anyone you have previously been in contact with and exchange information by contacting them. This retro may seem very lucky to you, you can agree with an old friend or the advice you will get from it can be very useful. When it comes to love and love, old issues may come up again, you should try to avoid jealousy and oppression. Stay with love, goodbye...

Leo zodiac sign

Dear Virgos and rising sign Virgos, you enter the week with the subjects of love and love, joint affairs, plans will be in place in general. You will want to be together and enjoy with the person you love more, a casual relationship can shift towards seriousness, you start the week romantically... By midweek, you can make arrangements to open earnings doors, check your payments, pay your debts. Surgeries may be on your agenda, you may need to take care of a relative. On March 4, Venus begins to go back in Aries; if you have debt situations that will affect you in your partnership house, there may be recyclings, an ex-partner may want to do business with you again. The window you look at life may expand and you may have the opportunity to meet someone you have already been in touch with. Stay with love, goodbye to see you next week.

Virgo zodiac sign

Dear Libras and rising sign Libras, a busy week begins for you, all your traffic is fluid and communication-based. You start the week with your work environment, your daily routines, your hustle and bustle where you work. There is support for the brothers, and for some Libras, the issue of health will also be at the forefront. There are doctor's checks, drug use, changes in these issues... In general, your spiritual side outweighs your spiritual side, you are conscientiously comfortable with everything, I deserve it anyway or vice versa because you have internal conversations as if I had done it right. As a result, you are at peace with yourself. In your love life, there may be some obstacles and problems, or what you see as a problem may come your way again. You have to try to overcome this by using your communication skills. Venus retro affects you a lot because, as in Taurus, your ruling planet and your marital household are on their way, you may experience delays, misunderstandings and aesthetic concerns in this area.  Have a nice week, stay with love.

Libra zodiac sign

Dear Scorpions and rising scorpions, you are in a week open to exaggerations, there are some fertile developments both in your personal life and in your work and social life. You are a week where you can make time for your activities and hobbies and have some fateful chances in your love life. But as I said at the beginning, you should be careful not to exaggerate, to keep what you are going through in a certain pattern. On March 4, venus retro will be in play, Venus, who will start her backward movement in Aries, can cause problems with love and love issues, you should try to be more understanding than usual. Something that you have already dealt with in your daily life may come back to you. Have a nice week and stay with love for you.

Scorpio zodiac sign

Dear Sagittarius and rising sign Sagittarius, I observe that you are sensitive in this field while your home and family issues come to the fore. It's a little tense and stressful, maybe you've had a breakdown or illness. Or some Springs might want to make changes to their homes. At the beginning of the week, they may want to take initiatives on things such as home, real estate, land. By midweek, more lively and optimistic energies are kicking in. Everything will be even better for you if you can solve your communication problem with the person you love. On March 4, Venus begins her Retro movement, which will weigh you in on matters of love and love, you should wait for aesthetic work this month. You're still sensitive about health issues, dear Sagittarius, and I say remain vigilant and turn to things that will be good for your nerves. Stay with love and goodbye until I see you the following week.

Sagittarius zodiac sign

Dear Capricorns and rising sign Capricorns, as you start a new week, trying to be aggressive in marketing public relations, communication, media issues attracts you to better places. There may be good support and friendly help from your brothers and sisters, from those who are with you. By midweek, domestic issues, spouses, children, home layout stand out. Venus, which will start going back on March 4th, can lead you to disagreements about home and family issues, I do not recommend sailing to new loves in the process . It will be healthier to use your energy in business matters. Someone you see every day can add meaning to your life and change your perspective. You're going to change your secretive structure this week. Have a nice week and stay with love for you.

Capricorn zodiac sign

Dear Aquarius and rising sign Aquarius, you start the week by focusing on monetary matters and focusing your business on your sources related to your material values. On the one hand, when you're winning, it may be frustrating to have to spend and not be able to save. You can try to be more active and sociable by using your communication skills in the middle of the week. Your smart and humanist side comes into play, you may want to try the new one. You are always able to change your thought patterns without changing your essence as a person of differences. There's retro action in the sky on March 4th. Your communication and the immediate surroundings fall into your household. Family issues stand out, marketing, advertising can have problems with all kinds of promotions. There will be a lack of communication this week, and a number of issues in favor of the brothers are also on your agenda.  Stay with love and goodbye to see you next week.

Aquarius zodiac sign

Dear Fish and rising zodiac fish, you had your wishes, but your patience ran out and you couldn't even rejoice.... But it's good for you to turn to yourself, to take care of yourself a little bit, and you're going to get it together. Personally, your ideas change and you learn to look at life from a different perspective. While your midweek money initiatives attract attention, Venus begins to go back in Aries on Saturday at the weekend. Of course, this situation will affect you, especially in aesthetic matters, décor change issues and heart affairs you should think twice, you may even be subjected to some postponements. Especially issues related to your siblings or close relatives, your environment are on the agenda, of course it is inevitable that old issues will not arise in a time when this retro is on the agenda. Financially, a job you used to want to do can come your way again, which can be gratifying. When it comes to love, you should be wary of slight complications. Stay with love, goodbye...

Pisces zodiac sign
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