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Weekly horoscope reviews (February 22-28)

Agenda topics throughout the week are as follows: 

First three days of the week you may want to spend time at home, welcome guests, make family visits and take care of the needs of the House.

Thursday and Friday is the day you can devote time to your organizational activities, hairdressing operations (hair operations and hair dryer, cutting, except perm), important meetings, job interviews or creative activities.

Saturday and Sunday it can be useful to evaluate your day-to-day operations that require maintenance, repair, repair, categorization and detail these days. After Sunday, you can plan your aesthetic, design, design, important appointments (for example, first meeting, meeting), events. In addition, you can hire a lawyer, give a power of attorney, notary public, as well as coincide with the beginning of another week.

Anxiety and emotional stress can affect your stomach, which is your most sensitive area. You should experience throwing out issues that you are emotionally upset and bored with with tears and not accumulate within you. In addition, ready-made fast-food foods can also create sensitivity. 

These days, you should not neglect to include vegetables in your meals, foods that will feed the heart will increase productivity. Beware of cold, hot effect on winter day! You have to be careful not to be physically challenged. Keeping your blood pressure balanced will also be important again.

For the maintenance and repair of your body, you should concentrate on your digestive system. To strengthen your immune system, add supplements to foods (vitamins, minerals, etc.) would be ideal to start. Abdominal exercises and shuttles also accelerate your bowel movements and protect your health. Saturday Sunday and Saturday are ideal days for consuming and detoxifying foods that will feed the intestinal flora. 

You can match your exercises such as crack treatments and tightening after Sunday.

February 25, 2021 at 16: 11 p.m. Venus Pisces"na goes. Venus is glorified in Pisces. Its symptoms are felt as tenderness, compassion and forgiveness. Uncertainty in the money market may prevail.

February 27, 2021 at 11.17 pm The moon will be filled at 08 degrees of Virgo. Full moons symbolize completion, emergence, and making visible. It's a harbinger that you've reached the time to reveal what you've been trying for the last two weeks and eat its fruits. Its effect on us will last for a minimum of 14 days.

Note: Reviews You should read according to your ascending sign. If you don't know, you can read according to your Sun sign. 

It may be that you are supported by people around you in financial matters. Solving problems in your bilateral relations can be a means to have healthier communication. Focusing on jobs you don't dare to do can make you happy. The effect of words spoken without thinking in your emotional life can make you feel lonely. 

You may feel tired and exhausted this week. You can focus on memories of the past. Being stuck in the past can create melancholy. Getting rid of the influence of the past can lead to new beginnings in your life. Success in jobs that require patience, effort and effort can also help you feel good. There can be job interviews, promising conversations, promising beginnings.

This week, there may be unresolved problems in your life coming to light again. Logical approaches can help you achieve efficient results. It's a good week to start a business that will end in success, to make a new venture. At the same time, a new beginning may be experienced in your emotional life, or if you have a relationship, you may have a more romantic week with a revival of emotions.

It may be that your plans for the future will not succeed. A number of problems can also occur in your home life. Leaving the problems that exist in this direction in time can allow them to be solved with natural developments. You can make risky attempts for material gains, and acting more carefully can prevent you from experiencing losses. You may want to complete your unfinished business at home over the weekend.

This week, your bilateral relations may end due to disagreements. Decisions that can be made without thinking can cause you to regret them. Reassessing the decisions you make so that your bilateral relations are not further damaged may have better consequences for you. In your emotional world, if you have a relationship, you can have more romantic times. You may be faced with generous behavior that you will be deeply affected by. If you don't have a relationship, you may have a passionate commitment to someone.

This week, it is useful to be careful in your work related to financial issues, receivables, official documents. You may face unexpected payments. There may be obstacles in your work. In your bilateral relations, you may face disagreements and conflicts. Continuing to strive in the face of adversity can be instrumental in achieving positive results. 

Situations such as negative viewing of your investments that you have made this week can cause you to become pessimistic. This can cause your motivation to drop and you have a fear of failure. When you are fully focused on your experience and knowledge and are patient, you can achieve success. It is useful to be understanding in your bilateral relations. You may be an altruistic character, but your side that does not accept mistakes can cause endings in your bilateral relations.

The injustice that can be done against you this week can cause you to be bored. But in a short time, there may be developments in which you can feel comfortable with justice being served. Being open to innovation in your emotional world can lead to new beginnings. You have to be very careful about borrowing and giving. It can be good for you to be interested in artistic activities and focus on works that will highlight your creativity.

As a result of your intense efforts and struggles, you can be appreciated and stand out. Your increased responsibilities after positive developments in business life can cause you to get tired. In your bilateral relations, you may have difficulty expressing yourself due to the prejudices and constant thoughts of people around you. There may be resentment that this situation can bring. There may be a number of situations in your relationship that are hidden from you. So it can be useful to trust your intuition and keep your expectations low for the people around you.

It's a week when you need to be more careful about the delusion towards your emotional world. Bilateral relations that don't go as you hoped may disappoint you. So you can understand that you shouldn't be in high expectations. There may be positive developments in monetary matters. It may be possible to achieve a buy-and-give balance. New initiatives, such as improving your existing order, may come to your agenda.

Disagreements may occur with people in your business life. In business, you can get paid for your work, and people around you can appreciate you. You must not make decisions that will succumb to your ambitions, you must be careful. After intense efforts and difficulties, it is possible that your wishes will be realized, especially in financial matters, you will achieve success.

You may not be able to pay for your efforts in your bilateral relations this week. There may be tense moments and unrest. In order not to put yourself in a difficult situation, both financially and spiritually, you may realize that instead of thinking about the people around you, you should be facing yourself. Your financial unknowns can now end. You may have success in jobs that require patience and effort. Stomach disorders can be experienced due to stress. Attention!

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