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Weekly horoscope reviews (December 11-17)

Dear Coaches, your ideas and thoughts have the air of I know. You welcome the week with a thought-thinking, intellectual air. Your speaking style is dominant, your energy is high. Your feelings tend to be harmonious. Even if you feel blocked this week by conflicts of opinion in your opposing relations, you will be the winner. You should protect your immune system and undergo routine checks on your health. There may be friction between you and your office colleagues in your business environment. You have to be cautious and even do some tactics. Your dialogues with the person you love about love and love also make him happy with your little surprises. You manage to impress him with romantic behavior. You're so crowded around here, it can make the other side jealous.

Aries zodiac sign

Dear Bulls, you must pay attention to the environments you have entered this week. It is in your best interest to try to be in positive and loving environments. You may have to deal with something with children or the financial situation of a family member. It's worth noting that someone you don't expect might be going behind your back. In the middle of the week, you must act planned and stick to the project you have already done in order to strengthen your male and female relationships. Those who want to keep you out of your way are around you, do not give them the opportunity, read your own way.



Dear Twins, your mind is so busy that sometimes you forget what to think. You have to be careful not to be harsh and hurtful in your speeches this week. It's a good time frame for social environments and friendships, where you can share with them, encourage each other to learn new things and be informed. You have to be home and make time for all this. It's a good week to make the changes you deem necessary in your home, to re-discuss and discuss domestic matters. Your bond with the person you love is strengthened, someone in the family supports you.


Gemini zodiac sign

Dear Crabs, your close environmental relations are going very well, your communication traffic is very high, the moon is in Libra and your domestic issues are harmonious and limp. Your marketing, communication and trade issues come to the fore. It's just a time to take care of your health. You should not get tired of working hard or in the hustle and bustle and neglect your health. If you want to profit from the discussions between you and your brothers in the middle of the week, prove your right to him, you should take sensible steps instead of emotional attitudes. Things are going to change, but we need time. We've heard from the person you love.

Cancer zodiac sign

Dear Lions, there are some glitches in communication this week, because of you, your opinions are very volatile and indecisive. You may experience some problems in your love life. Your sign, which is the element of fire, creates the effect of suddenly becoming angry and suddenly calming down. While you stay calm, the other side can't take it. When you say bilateral relations, it's not just a relationship. They can also be a friend or business partner. With virgo new moon, you will be pleased with the decisions you have made in financial matters. You'll smile as you start to make a profit from your investments. This week, give the same answer to those who are distant.


Leo zodiac sign

Dear Virgos, you can start the week quite optimistically. It will make you even more comfortable to enter pleasant and pleasant environments. However, if your optimism, your desire to help your environment is overstated, you may fall into the role of victim. If you pay attention to this, a really efficient process will be waiting for you. We start next week in the sign of Moon Libra. Getting out of the dilemma in monetary matters and doing what you need to do will lead you to more positive results. Your intuition is rising, appreciate it. You may want to start a diet in the middle of the week, it wasn't that hard for you in the past to do this, you should regroup and make a list of things to do. There are some unusual situations in your daily life at work.

Virgo zodiac sign

Dear Libras, your ideas and feelings are at odds, in fact, like the silence before the storm for you this week. Your little moves can make a big noise. You can just sit on the agenda. You are successful in business and career matters, you will feel the support of your family. You're glad they're with you. But you have a strange feeling. You're in a mixed mood.  You can start the week tired, which may not be possible for those who still want to laze around on Monday. The person you love will find you in supportive movements, there is news that they will receive on the occasion of a friend for the disgruntled Libras, don't worry.

Libra zodiac sign

Dear Scorpions, your social relationships are getting stronger. You feel hopeful and strong. Those who work with you make you happy and motivated by their work. This week you are open to new offers, especially in your love life, where there is a revival. A nice dinner on the weekend will make you feel romantic and full of love. Don't miss this opportunity. This week, in general, some of your hopes can be revived, you can start again where you think it's over. It's a process in which you will find that hope, after all, scorpions always know how to start from scratch. Make sure that mars moves into your sign, which will make you more attractive than you are.


Scorpio zodiac sign

Dear Springs, you have a strong energy to defeat your opponents. A little surprise from one of your friends can delight you. Maybe you'll enjoy a lunch together, lots of laughter and conversation. Your desire to show yourself is at the forefront, you radiate a relaxed, unusual and pleasant atmosphere. You may need some change in some things this week, especially in business, perhaps working from the outside or changing the way you work. Your mood is volatile and inconsistent. You're going to need some balance. There are misconceptions about love.

Sagittarius zodiac sign

Dear Capricorns, you may have a short-term chance. You should take it now and not miss this opportunity. You have a clear chance in bilateral relations, the people you will meet impress you with their positive energy. This person could be someone you and your family would like. It's going to be a productive week for business. You'll be able to turn what you think into concrete. Also on the agenda this week are your wife's relatives, friends visits. There will be plenty of discussions and educational issues. It's important that you make a to-do order, and gradually you'll get over it all. I suggest you do important issues in consultation with the people you trust, thoroughly researching the lower ground. Your union is getting better with love.


Capricorn zodiac sign

Dear Capricorns, your thoughts and feelings still contradict. It's like you can't make up your mind. This week is actually a career-oriented good influence for you, your ideas can be appreciated. Your love life is quite good, you can make a short travel plan with the person you love. Or there might be a surprise offer from him. Money will be on the agenda this week for some Buckets! Your payments are so high that those who can't get out of it may need friendly help. At least you can trust his ideas. Even though the person you love is back and doesn't care about you, that's not really the truth. It's a temporary rage. In the sign of Mars Scorpio, intrigue and trip-taking can proliferate.


Aquarius zodiac sign

Dear Fish, thanks to your noble ideas, you can be the center of attention in the environments you enter this week. Your boyfriend's interest and support is growing. You just have to take responsibility for career issues, it's time to put your hand up, you can get some workload on weekdays. Your parents' expectations may be too high for you these days, and they have high expectations of you. They want to see you succeed. The romantic bond between you and the person you love is strengthened in matters of love and love, but you are still not happy, you are a little obsessive these days. Sometimes we have to look at ourselves before we criticize the other side. In general, your creativity is increasing, you are aware of your responsibilities.




Pisces zodiac sign
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