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Weekly horoscope reviews (August 14-20)

Dear Coaches, it's been a busy week, and the news you're going to get may not be very encouraging. You may want to approach things in a different way, you can find the solution by combining the old with the new. Message from your ex. As of Thursday, there may be situations in your home that need to be finished or completed. You have to try to look at things differently. Tensions and arguments can lead you to an end. You can experience the tide between work and home. Keeping your career goals big can be a domestic problem. You have to be careful to stay in balance.

Aries zodiac sign

Dear Bulls, you may feel in a financial predicament, your payments may increase. This week only logical and rational issues are important to you, there is not much room for emotions. Starting Thursday, you may witness an incident involving people or your brothers and sisters that you are active in the field of communication, and you may experience a slight friction between you. You may also experience some complications in education and overseas subjects. You will feel that everything that needs to be finished is completed. You need to stay away from communication tensions. You're relaxing at the weekend.

Taurus zodiac sign

Dear Twins, a week in which you're looking at yourself.  But your distance and strict attitude in your speeches still tires your surroundings. You may be saddened by the news you will receive from a distance. You'll be active in money and finances this week. You might want to finish or end a business financially, do something new instead. You can get money from where you didn't expect it. You can give a helping hand to someone who's having financial problems. It's a good week for love.


Gemini zodiac sign

Dear Crabs, what's being said behind your back could be laid out in front of you this week, and you may be bored. The person you love is undergoing a great transformation, wants to stay with himself, has things to talk about, but he doesn't dare. It might take a while. On Thursday, the moon moves into your sign. It's going to come to a mind this week. You might want to end things, eliminate them completely, and sponge them off. You'll be fighting a civil war with yourself in this period. It's a week that draws attention to bilateral relations! It's decision time for you. You'll find you're getting better at health.

Cancer zodiac sign

Dear Lions, if you want a change in your daily working conditions, now is the time, the pressure is not for you. Continuing like this can strain your health. Your hobbies, the environments you enjoy, your friends will be good for you. Besides, it's time to say goodbye to some of your habits. It's time for you to look ahead, regardless of the past. There's been a lot of people talking behind your back in the past, sometimes you have to ignore them.

Leo zodiac sign

Dear Virgos, a week in which you feel strong. You manage to get your hands on the job. Your perfectionist side is a waste of time. You did everything you had to do about love. You're comfortable... You've been busy in your social home this week. But there may be some tides. You will want to make a qualifier among your friends, remove some of the groups of friends from your life. You're about to get the results of a job you started with hope. You'd better be ready for some of the tensions.

Virgo zodiac sign

Dear Libras, you'd rather look at life in a good way this week. Your optimistic and positive behavior affects those around you. You have a peaceful nature. The difficulties in your home and family life do not upset you. There may be people who have problems with their bosses during this period. A job change, promotion, salary issues may come up. The window you look at life changes a little. Some things you have to take more seriously. Try to get away from the stress. Keep your partner's word about love.

Libra zodiac sign

Dear Scorpions, your intense spiritual feelings are coming to light today. You want to show everyone that you have not lost faith in love and love, faith in good faith. As for payments, there are difficulties. I can tell you this week that you're going to have an end to education. Remote locations, abroad, media, press, publication issues will also be on the agenda. News about distant relatives can annd you. Maybe there'll be news of a return from there. Or you might want to move out.

Scorpio zodiac sign

Dear Springs, you're starting a difficult week. Your conversations are not understood, your surroundings are coming at you, your loved ones are far away... You need a financial transformation. You have to try to act rationally in what you do.  You can end a topic about partnerships. You have situations such as completing a project or making a payment. If there has been an operation postponement, a decision can be made. Taking out a loan is on your mind, but then the question of how you pay it off creates a stress. For those who are single in the name of love, someone at work can steal your heart.

Sagittarius zodiac sign

Dear Capricorns, a week of luck with love and love. You will feel really confident, strong and leading. For those who need to be replaced, you will succeed this week by trying a different way. You may experience some stresses and tensions. For negativity, awareness rather than pessimism will be a better choice. Watch out for bilateral relations! Happiness to the sadness of the person you love, try to find solutions to their problems. Don't be the loser.

Capricorn zodiac sign

Dear Buckets, the account at home does not match what you need to do this week. You should qualify and revisit the to-do list. The person you love has moved away from you. So you will decide to reconsider some issues. Especially if you are colleagues, office environment or wherever you spend your day, a number of changes will be on the agenda mostly related to it. Trying meditation-style things can be a good idea to relax and handle your routines more easily.

Aquarius zodiac sign

Dear Fish, a week in which you show your healing side. Your first goal is to heal your own wounds, to help others. You're in a number of fateful transformations. Don't let go of the time, get up and do something. Get a new hobby or call your old friends. Fish who are single can get into a new excitement. Sightseeing, things you enjoy, activities, your home is very busy, you may feel bored with certain things. There may be an end and an end in these matters. Some things you may not want to do anymore. Those who have children will have to deal with problems with them. They're going to make some decisions.


Pisces zodiac sign
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