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Weekly horoscope reviews (April 26 - May 2)

At the beginning of the week, we will be in a very important Full Moon Effect, we may face issues that can cause a shake in our lives. November December period may be a trailer for the events and concepts we will experience in this process. As we become aware of the issues that need change and transformation in this time period, when Pluto will also move in a stationary position, we can significantly analyze the themes that our crust must now break and draw much different directions on our paths. 

With the reunion of The Sun and Uranus on Friday, unexpected, sudden developing conditions that disrupt our memories may come to our agenda. As our desire for liberation rises, we may feel tensions over us in certain areas. 

With the positive interaction that Mercury and Pluto will make at the weekend, we can now start to have an approach that knows better what it wants and reflects it in the language of communication. We can make radical changes in our ideas and thoughts.

Note: You should read according to your ascending sign. If you don't know, you can read according to your Sun sign. 

It can be a week when we can feel a little feisty, angry. There may be some tensions surrounding home and family issues. While we care about ensuring our balance of income and expenses, we may experience unexpected developments in monetary issues. Being financially patient, not making sudden decisions, can benefit. It can be good to focus on our abilities, build up. As of the weekend, we can set ourselves a direction in these areas and get positive news.

A busy week awaits us! In this week, when many planets gather in our sign and we will experience an important Full Moon in our opposite sign, we can make important decisions about our lives as the pressure increases on us. We may experience sudden, unexpected developments. We may experience some completions, clarifications that concern our relationships, our partnerships. Our work-related responsibilities can create tension on us. Out-of-control spending on monetary issues may come on our agenda.

We can have a week in which we will retreat and observe our lives and make new decisions.We may have to take care of health issues. The issues that are being turned behind us may arise. As of the weekend, sudden situations that will develop beyond our control may come on our agenda. At this point, we can gain significant awareness and influence our decision on the path we are going to move forward. It can be helpful to stay away from obsessive thoughts and details.

As mobility in our social environment increases, a new love can enter our lives, a new relationship. We may have new surprise agendas on issues related to our abilities, hobbies, investments, but this may not be the right time to take risks on investment. We can have an emotionally busy week. As of the weekend, we can focus on our relationships, our partner issues, and solve some issues by using our communication correctly.

As we feel emotionally inadequate and turn to our inner world a little, on the one hand, we can have a week where there can be surprise developments on issues related to our career. It can be a week when we will be supported for job applications, putting ourselves in our business, issues related to managers. Home, family themes may encounter unexpected crisis conditions. Managing our relationships correctly can be important for the long process ahead.

Our dreams and hopes for the future can come to the fore. Education, travel, foreign issues, surprise developments that may develop beyond our control in legal proceedings may come to our agenda. While it is important to be able to express our ideas and thoughts, we may experience sudden decision changes on some issues. The decisions we will make during this period may be important in shaping our future.

When issues related to our financial conditions are at the forefront, situations that will create sudden and tension on us in this area may come to our agenda. While there may be some consequences in cases involving debts, payments, trading, our income from external sources, there may be high expenses that we need to make extra. There can be situations where we feel blocked by issues that concern our career. In terms of relationships, it's a week when we're going to have some ambivalence...

It can be a week when we will experience awareness of issues that need to change about ourselves. We can face conditions that will change our lives and go through significant changes and transformations with some awareness that can be experienced. Decisions that we make on issues related to our relationships, partnerships and material conditions may affect the long period of time after that. We may experience a sudden, unexpected development in these areas over the weekend. It may be important not to focus too much on the thoughts we are obsessed with, not to act with ambition.

It can be a week when we will have important thoughts about our life and experience very important realizations. We can experience rapid changes in our work and work environment related to our daily routines. We can reveal what we have thrown into us for a while on some issues that concern our immediate environment. We may feel pressure on us in money-related issues, domestic themes, or health-related situations.

We can have a week where we will be supported on issues related to relationships, dating, children. We can focus more on areas where we feel pleasant. By evaluating our capabilities, we can move to an area where we can make gains. We can play a role in the sudden development of our social environment, our future goals, our goals, and support those around us.

We'll start the week with a full moon effect that puts our home, family, home issues and career lives under the lens. With the important awareness that we have been living in these areas for some time, we can decide to draw a new direction in our lives. Sudden changes in our business life can come to our agenda, maybe we can experience tensions between us and our manager Dec. Decoupling between home and work can be important.

It can be a week when our communication with our immediate environment can increase, we will get support from our relatives. By reviewing our goals in our lives, we can experience important awareness and make important decisions. Just as we may decide to cut off communication with people who are not good for us, surprise deals, news, sudden offers may come to our agenda. We can make arbitrary expenditures and deal with investment-related issues.

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