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Weekly horoscope reviews (April 23-29)

Dear Coaches and rising horoscope Coaches, you make sudden decisions. You surprise yourself and those around you. Your hard-line exits on business this week will be remarkable, you will take risks. We start the new week in the sign of Ay Aslan, you want to show yourself and lead, flirtations, loves, hobbies are on the agenda. There's a Coach who's doing everything he can to win this week. It's both material and spiritual. For those who are expecting a child, there may be some good news.



Aquarius zodiac drawing

Dear Bulls and rising zodiac Bulls, you will be making a positive and beautiful introduction to the week. Especially in your love life, there is a great attraction between you and the person you love, your relationship becomes stronger and your relationship becomes even more enjoyable. In the middle of the week, your family themes and home topics will come to the fore, and at the weekend you will have to deal with dating, hobbies, personal tastes, again. You may want to make a plan with the person you love, move to a new house, prepare a surprise party. Itineraries can be postponed.


Taurus zodiac drawing

Dear Gemini and rising sign Gemini, your communication direction is increasing, but misunderstandings seem to be many because interpreting and nurturing everything on your own leads to different thoughts by people. In fact, you are very much in the nature of talking, talking equals twins! But if those around you don't know you well enough, being interpreted as a gossip can cause you to lose people. This week you will witness events involving your brothers and sisters, and the good news is that if there is a previous tension between you and the person you love, you will see that it becomes mild. Twins who are alone can have opportunities to start a love affair.

Gemini zodiac drawing

Dear Crabs and rising zodiac Crabs, we are starting a good week together, you will have opportunities to solve many problems while increasing your confidence. You'll be able to put your hand up and feel that power in yourself. The cornerstones have settled between you and the person you love. In your work situation, some of your injuries may still not be wrapped. You will try to move forward with financial gain doors and monetary matters, you will want to get rid of the annoying things that are narrowing you down. But it's not enough to ask, it's necessary to act, if you know what I'm saying.


Cancer zodiac drawing

Dear Lions and rising sign Aslan, the moon begins in your sign, you are pleasant and you know how to turn your back on those who spoil your enjoyment, I think that is the secret of the lion sign's success. Just being able to look ahead, just thinking about yourself, yes, selfishness maybe, but on the other hand, it's the right thing to do... This week's Mars Pluto reunion will give you a lot of intensity in your day-to-day work, you might want to start a new sports program on health issues, try something different. You may have good, unexpected gestures with the person you love.


Leo zodiac drawing

Dear Virgos and rising sign Virgos, while your creativity increases in your social environment, various jobs and hustles come into play. You are attracted to associations, organizations, organizations. You should not miss the opportunities that come your way in this process. You must feel the power within you and keep your heart fresh, dear Virgos. Towards the middle and end of the week, you may want to try introspection techniques such as spirituality, yoga, meditation and take a journey in your subconscious. Don't forget to take the time to stay and think on your own.



Virgo zodiac drawing

Dear Libras and rising sign Libra, you start the week with your business interests. Meetings and running are at the forefront, so if you have unfinished business due to a number of family problems, it will be good for you to complete them. There are situations where you can enter social environments in the middle of the week and increase your goals. When you meet new people, you will be attracted to them and value their opinions. You will now set out to get rid of the troubles you have accumulated within you, and if you have a bad habit, you will have the opportunity to say goodbye to it. When I look at your love life, it will be a beautiful union for the heartbroken Libras in the sign of Kiron Koç. Kiron wounds it, then he rubs ointment.

Libra zodiac drawing

Dear Scorpions and rising sign Scorpions, you are under very strong influences to change or transform things. You will be making progress in your work in the middle of the week while taking steps in remote places, your education life, master's, international relations and law. Mars and Pluto are in the reunion, there's a harmonious angle between the sun and Saturn. You're going through a lucky process of bilateral relations that will lift you from where you fell. During the week, you can be in your social circle of friends with the person you love and have a pleasant time.


Scorpio zodiac drawing

Dear Sagittarius and rising sign Sagittarius, payments such as tax credits or debt can annorate you, but you can get over it surprisingly and suddenly witness that everything is fine. You can get opportunities to complete your unfinished business. You will have a strength within yourself to break down the obstacles that come your way in your career and you will be able to stand up again. But this week, financial issues are troubling you, not to mention the fact that the person you love doesn't understand you; there may be minor domestic problems. Someone in your family might have a medical condition.

Sagittarius zodiac drawing

Dear Capricorns and rising sign Capricorns, a week in which you will achieve success in joint work, as well as the challenging effects in your sign, are causing you a great transformation. Old things, old memories, a time to remember your old friendships. Leaving behind past mistakes and learning lessons will have a facilitating effect for your progress. You must learn to forgive, and you should be the one to apologize when necessary. If you can't explain yourself, no one will understand you.


Capricorn zodiac drawing

Dear Aquarius and rising sign Aquarius, your decision will be easier to decide, because you are tired of negative effects and the easiest way to escape difficulties is to be able to make decisions. A week of hugging your loved ones, you'll get support from them. You're going to care about their opinions, they're going to have a big impact on their decisions. For payments, you need to be systematic and make good use of your savings. You're the one who's wanted in the brothers and their close circle. Your ideas on promotions, advertising, commercial issues will be of interest. The beginning of a good relationship also signals, dear Kovalar.



Aquarius zodiac drawing

Dear Fish and rising sign Pisces, it is a period of increased desire to go abroad, your desire to travel. You may be overwhelmed by the intensity of your day-to-day work. You may be bored in terms of friends, not being understood, not being able to make mutual sacrifices can create tension between you. To return to your old joy, you must rediscover your social side. You're normally in a rotating structure, so you have to do the opposite and share everything. All your feelings, joys, sorrows, longings...


Pisces zodiac drawing
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