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Weekly horoscope reviews (April 20-26)

Sun values will illuminate your home for a month, and with Yeniay to be formed in this area, you can lay the beginnings and foundations to make new gains. You need support in knowing your own value, you need to learn to take care of yourself in situations that disturb the take-and-export balance.

With the sun on you, this month's agenda may be relationships and personal interests. Yeniay and startup energy emphasize that you can be more successful when you set off on your own. It's time to make an image change or say 'I'm in now' on platforms where you're not seen.

A period begins when most of the details you've overlooked will come to light. While the new moon and startup energy are intriguing, you may find yourself training on the applications that shape your subconscious.

While topics and agendas related to your friends and social circles are illuminated by the Sun, you can meet new people and expand your surroundings. You can reshape your plans and projects for the future and set yourself new goals.

The sun will shed light on your career issues, the uncertainties will become clearer. The new moon energy indicates that there are beginnings in this field, during which a new chapter in your career can be opened. You can have conversations with your employers, you can take on extra responsibilities.

During this period, you can speed up your business such as press and publication, advertising. You can clarify the issues that will shape your education life and start a new education. You can consult with teachers and experts and renew yourself in knowledge. You can get news about your wife's siblings.

The sun illuminates the house of change and transformation, but it is time to change with Yeniay, which will take place in this area. You can face the issues you resist, you can call your period crisis, but remember that the opportunities you expect will come after you manage this period well.

It's time for the scorpions to have a relationship. While the sun sheds light on your relationship and marriage issues, it may be possible to start a new chapter in the relationship or start a new relationship with the influence of Yeniay. Your partner or relationship's own busy agendas may keep you busy this week.

Sagittarius horoscopes may be entering a new era in working life. Changes in your working conditions and working methods will be observed. You can get news from your employees or colleagues. During this period, you may decide to own a pet.

Capricorn horoscopes are one of the zodiac signs that have opened a new chapter in your love life. Capricorns who take a forced break from work and responsibilities may have someone who attracts their attention in terms of flirting. Your responsibilities, such as giving interviews/presentations or being visible, may arise somewhere. Start the sport (now) :)

The Sun, which shines a light on your home and living space, also promises new beginnings in this area. You may have home, land, land buying/selling issues and agendas. You may be beautifying your living space with renovations, paints and repairs in the house. You will move to a new and spacious period in your world of emotion, and you will be able to relieve yourself spiritually more easily.

During this period, you may have to go out for work. You may want to contact some media for agreement, paperwork, file works. You can get news from close relatives such as brothers and cousins and get in touch more. You can start seeing people you didn't communicate with in the past.

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