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Weekly horoscope reviews (9-16 March)

Earlier this week you may be a little more sensitive and fragile. Although some news that you are not aware of may surprise you at first, you will say that these developments, which you will be very pleased to learn about in the future and have come out, are a good thing. Work and health agendas may be keeping you busy and tired, you need to rest.

Friendships and the groups you're in will always be on your agenda. You will have very ideal days to enter new environments, meet people and start projects. There may be innovations related to career earnings, you can make new initiatives about these issues. You're lucky with love, a friendship can turn into a date.

You will get results related to work and career, you will be rewarded for your efforts. Your work or agendas for what you do may change, and your communication with your bosses and employers may accelerate. If you have agendas to solve about your family, these issues can be brought back to the table this month and find a solution. You are going through a week where there are high agendas about parents, open to developments.

If anyone is thinking of traveling, they are very lucky, the sky will offer you travel opportunities. You can buy a plane ticket, apply for a visa, and prepare for travel. Press-publication, advertising, online activity topics will be on your agenda and you will get start-ups and results on these topics. You can apply for an education and have the opportunity to study in a subject, regardless of short or long.

This week will trigger new economic developments. You have a debt conversion or borrowing agenda. You will experience transformations related to your partner's resources. Your partner can make new beginnings and make initiatives about money.

There may be some big news about your wife this week, and there may be improvements.  Unmarried Virgos can take important steps towards serious intercourse. This week will also bring luck to virgos who want to find a partner in their business. You may experience new beginnings with the partner and his partner.

This week, the infrastructure for a new order will be established in your working life. There may be changes to your work pattern, you can start doing something that you want to do daily and can't. You can hire an employee to work with you or have a new pet. You can get off to a very good start on your health, such as starting a diet, regular sports.

This week, only the Scorpions can have relationship and dating beginnings. It is very possible to sail to new loves. Scorpions with children will have agendas about their children this week, you may be focusing on the work you need to finish with your children this week. You are going through the ideal days to start the sport.

You can make home and home-related innovations and changes this week. You can make conversations for a change of home or changes within the home. Agendas and things to do with your domestic family and parents may increase. As a result of business developments, you will review where you live and your relationships with your family.

You'll have agendas for your inner circle this week. You will want to talk and communicate more with figures such as cousins, brothers, close relatives and neighbors. You can make short, long, domestic, international trips and excursions, and you can take business or family visits.

This week you will get answers to your previous economic initiatives. You might want to be a little careful about a week that's open to financial developments and unexpected expenses. You are going through a week where your earnings will increase or you will have opportunities for interviews/introductions that will open the door to work.

This week you can make new and beautiful changes to your personal image. You may be performing an operation you've wanted to be in for a long time, or you're taking on a new line that's way out of your style. An important week about relationships and dating, you will experience good developments with your partner. You may be moving or changing your living space.

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