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Weekly horoscope reviews (7-13 May)

Dear Coaches, a busy and active week of Mars and the South knot reunion could put old issues back in front of you. You need to pay more attention to friendships, in the middle of the week the moon will be in pisces. Your creativity will increase, but you have problems to solve on your own. It will be a bit of a relief to move forward with creative solutions. There's a coach who's confused for love, and I'm sure you'll find a solution to this problem on the occasion of short trips this week.

Aries zodiac sign

Dear Bulls, your concerns about business meetings and careers could peak this week. You should relax and draw a different path, Taurus is known for its constant and stubbornness. In this case you should allow to breathe a little and let people guide you. The moon will be in Pisces in the middle of the week. A romantic meal or artistic activities will do you good. It's a good time to take a concrete step in the name of love.

Taurus zodiac sign

Dear Twins, a period when you will meet new people, maybe you can develop pleasant dialogues with people you will meet during a new course program, a new hobby or travel. If you have a legal situation, you can get results. In the middle of the week, the moon will be in Pisces. When you are in The Variable Pisces, you have the power to express yourself more clearly, and you are in a week where you will witness developments about your parents. There may be interesting developments in the name of love.

Gemini zodiac sign

Dear Crabs, you may need to undergo a deferred surgery or a check-up of an operation you have undergone. We start next week in Aquarius. It's your 8th house. 8. The house includes credits, interest, taxes, inheritance, surgery, partnership in astrology. In the middle of this week, the moon will be in Pisces, someone from afar can enjoy you, maybe you can go on a trip.

Cancer zodiac sign

Dear Lions, interesting developments in the name of bilateral relations and love will be the highlight of this week. You can put your head together, make a decision, or find a solution to a problem you've had in the past. Regardless, this week is not about you, it's about the other side... Your loved one may need attention and support. The moon will be in Pisces in the middle of the week, issues related to joint revenues related to your business will become important, it is a week that is likely to get you a new job offer.

Leo zodiac sign

Dear Virgos, as we begin a new week, order and order are at the forefront for you, you start with great discipline. For Virgos who do not work, of course, this can be the order in their daily work... You are in a week where you will act programmably and carefully... The moon will be in Pisces in the middle of the week. You can come across a nice offer, spend time with your loved ones, your messaging traffic is increasing. It's a challenging but lasting week to bring what's on your mind to life.

Virgo zodiac sign

Dear Libras, you may want to hear from your ex and review your thoughts about him. This week, love and dating situations will emphasize you, you are the ones who can't stand alone without love without love. You will take steps in the name of love, in the name of harmony. In the middle of the week, the moon will be in Pisces. Health issues may come up, you should take time for sports, change your diet, even your list of places to go may change.

Libra zodiac sign

Dear Scorpions, your home and family issues stand out. Family and friendly organizations such as making changes in the house, organizing family meals, weddings, engagements, hennas are on your agenda this week, spirituality and family theme in general. Starting in the middle of the week, the moon will be in Pisces. You'll reconsider and decide about having children. There's another chance for the Single Scorpions from their loved ones.

Scorpio zodiac sign

Dear Sagittarius, we begin next week in the sign of Moon Aquarius. Communication and communication are becoming more important to you. Cousins, friends, neighbors, coworkers. It's a week of big events, but there are some setbacks and challenges. In the middle of the week, the moon will be in Pisces. A number of buried, hidden information is coming to light. The act of love awaits you for a week.

Sagittarius zodiac sign

Dear Capricorns, this week may be a week where you will budget and expect money... You are interested in material and concrete matters, you want to make progress in the work you have put your hand in, but you must not make past mistakes. In the middle of the week the moon will move to Pisces, you may have short trips, you may want to make small escapes and visits, a stagnant week in the name of love, or rather monotonous.

Capricorn zodiac sign

Dear Aquarius, the moon we started next week in your sign, there is a Bucket that is well rested and ready for anything. You are in a fast-paced and running process, the fact that the Southern node is in Aquarius has actually exhausted the Aquarius for 1.5 years! You've been tested on a lot of subjects, you've given exams, you're close to success. You must delete the past and leave what you need to leave behind. It's not necessarily about one person, it can be in a job or habit. It can be in your movements or thoughts.

Aquarius zodiac sign

Dear Fish, we begin in the sign of Aquarius. It can give you a feeling of being in the background, you can feel psychologically alone. In the middle of the week, the moon moves into your sign. You'll relax and get rid of the rest of you. You will feel more enthusiastic and happy. There are romantic escapies for love. Your boyfriend is thinking of you. You're doing great together. A social weekend awaits you.


Pisces zodiac sign
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