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Weekly horoscope reviews (5-11 February)

Aries, you're going to have to do something for your loved ones this week. It's not always taking, it's time to give some... Your fair and kind attitude towards the people who truly love you will attract attention. You're trying to get your love life in order, and you're going to see that happen. As you start looking for remedies for your payments in the middle of the week, joint ideas on business issues may be on your agenda. This week may be at odds with some people, both financially and spiritually, so you might want to step back a little bit.

Aries zodiac sign

Taurus can be a difficult situation for your loved one this week. The notion that you don't want to take care of him can be a problem. There's a bit of a struggle with order and clutter throughout the week. But you also have a side that is at peace with yourself and positive about life, in which case you will receive surprising news and surprises. Do good, throw it in the sea, and I think the word "good will find you" is right for you. You're in a process where you'll be recompensed for what you've done. At the weekend, your ruling planet Venus is switching to Pisces, and the bells of romance and love are ringing for you.

Taurus zodiac sign

Gemini, you have to stop and think before you jump into the hot waters with your words. Your talkative and aggressive attitude is notable. The sextil angle between Mars and Mercury suggests this week that you will fight for your thoughts. For partnerships, it is not a suitable week, you can be open to misconceptions for you, you can hear unexpected attitudes and words from people you think are friends. It's time to qualify for love! In your existing relationship, maybe you're getting away with some behavior, maybe you're deciding on one of two or three options. Together you can participate in some organizations and have the opportunity to meet his family.

Gemini zodiac sign

Crab horoscopes will meet your friends you didn't see again, maybe warm up between you and people you're offended by, and so on. As your chances of being in social settings increase, you will see new dreams and hope filled with hope. We start next week in the sign of The Moon Libra. Bilateral relations will mark the week. Okay, or a week to decide to move on, a turning point in their relationship for some Crabs. Hold on, Crabs, you may be dizzy this week.

Cancer zodiac sign

Lion horoscopes, work and career whatever you want! Because sky movements will be in your career home. I'd say it's time to take steps for meetings, presentations and projects you've already shaped in your head, where you'll be looking for new jobs. We start next week in The Moon Libra, a week in which you need to discipline yourself, such as reviewing your diet list on health, changing your daily routines and eating more often but less. As for love, your partner may be a little resentful of your intense pace. Show your interest in him.

Leo zodiac sign

Virgo horoscopes give you the opportunity to go places you can't go this week, discover new places you haven't seen, get to know new people, and even meet old friends. We start next week at Ay Libra, the issues related to your children come to the fore, you are in a week where you will spend more time with them when you say their schools, education, birthdays. For singles, new relationships are on the way, but you're undecided, so don't be able to decide between two people and not be both. Venus has moved into the Pisces movement, and love and relationships are starting to revive, so consider this week.


Virgo zodiac sign

Libras, your ruling planet Venus has taken action in Pisces.  There are many alternatives to making yourself feel better. Co-shares, new earnings doors, new jobs and relationships will be in place this week. Patient visits and issues in your circle of friends will still be on your agenda. The moon starts next week in your sign and home and family events are important for you... Your time with your elders is important and you have entered a process suitable for house change! Venus now allows you to decorate and aesthetics, good luck.

Libra zodiac sign

Scorpio horoscopes, you are the luckiest in love this week...  Your love and relationships are coming to life, while your existing union gains seriousness and meaning, it is only a matter of time before you get a proposal... For scorpions who are alone, there is more than one option. They're going to decide on someone, they're going to find what they're looking for. We start next week in the sign of Ay Libra, you are in the appropriate process to start a new hobby while the financial attacks knock on your door. You should now bring to life the sports, entertainment, club, event ideas you have in mind. During this period, the people you meet can play a key role in your life. You'll find peace in your home. Prepare for a fun and busy week.

Scorpio zodiac sign

Sagittarius, we start in the sign of Ay Libra, so friendships and social issues will be at the forefront for you this week. To spend more, you'll have to win first. During this period, while arranging your relations with your colleagues, you will be putting your daily life on track and you will be clear and rational in the decisions you will make. This will help you to move your business forward comfortably. Your work environment can be reunited with an old colleague. An old project may come your way. It's a different week of different and unexpected events. Your communication is flowing strongly.

Sagittarius zodiac sign

Capricorns, we start next week in the sign of Moon Libra, organizing, being disciplined, carefully handling the work you start and the responsibilities may have gone through the roof. This week will give you good opportunities to make and implement new decisions. Other than that, this week is remarkable in your love life. The angles the moon takes will cause you to rewrite your love life, you will enjoy the activities you go to, you have the situation of getting to know new people and acquiring new hobbies. An old love may come up again, maybe an encounter and the opening of old notebooks. Towards the end of the week, you should pay attention to your expenses and stretch your feet according to your duvet. Your daily pace is rising this week.

Capricorn zodiac sign

Aquarius, loneliness or your desire to be alone may increase this week. Buckets who like sociality may want to isolate themselves this week, they may want to run away from everyone, not be seen for a while, go to places that no one knows about. As your fondness for freedom grows this week, it seems possible that you will be able to reconnect with your brothers and people in your immediate vicinity. You'll clarify some of the issues and revisit the points that are not understood. For your love life, you need a short trip. You're going to have to go through this alone. Sometimes small breakups can turn into great longings.

Aquarius zodiac sign

Pisces, we start next week in the sign of Moon Libra, you want to follow a new dream, mingle with your friends and throw yourself out. As the weather gets warmer, it might be good for you to get your temper and walk around. Venus is switching to your sign at the end of the week. The planet Venus loves Pisces and moves comfortably in this sign, and it is also glorified. Be careful what you wish for. There is a good chance that it will happen, especially for fish who complain about not being able to express themselves, you will be happy to be able to describe yourself in a good week. As your communication improves, your writing, talking, reading, marketing, advertising and promotion topics will get better this week. Research and learning week is for you. And for love, it's the last call. You should definitely consider this week.

Pisces zodiac sign
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