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Weekly horoscope reviews (29 May-4 June)

Dear Coaches and rising Coaches, we're entering a tough week this week. Mars and Saturn are at opposite angles, and during the week you can get dragged into a number of problems, especially in business matters. That's why you can constantly get into money matters, you will work to create new alternative business issues, improve your financial opportunities and keep what you have. Looks like it's going to be a challenging week between you and your superiors or your bosses. You're also going to be worn out as a family. Midweek communication issues, short trips will be in place. You may have opportunities to end a relationship and start a new one because you are very crowded and remarkable. Your leadership side outweighs your charisma this week.

Aries zodiac sign

Dear Bulls and Rising Bulls, the area where you will have difficulty this week may be legal issues, jobs connected abroad, your educational life or your partner's relatives, maybe problems between you and your distant relatives. A week of struggle, there are compelling effects around you, you can push yourself to tell people something and find solutions. In general, it will be a week in which you will take care of your own hustle and bustle and day-to-day affairs. The person you love may be in power struggles, and it's up to you to deal with him in the most reasonable way. From midweek, you'll be financially relaxed. You'll be lucky with partners in business matters.

Taurus zodiac sign

Dear Twins and Rising Twins, this week closed spaces, hospitals, courts, libraries and activities in these areas will be remarkable. While confidential matters become a revelation, a rift in your partnership area, the decision to break up with your partners, or your partner's termination may come up. Money trading such as inheritance issues, debts and loans will be in place, but it will also have compelling effects. In the matters of love and love, your flirtation and love exchange will be beautiful developments, you will be completely committed and willing to your family issues. You'll want to spend time at home and hug your loved ones.

Gemini zodiac sign

Dear Crabs and Rising Crabs, you are in a week where you must avoid revenge. You may be going through difficult periods in your relationships, you can choose to get too tired and step aside and return to yourself when you say power struggles, intrigues, arguments, arguments. That's the truth. It's going to be a week where you're going to need to be alone and rethink your needs and desires. After you get through this week, you'll feel more relaxed and liberated. It is in your hands to turn inside you, to increase your spirituality, to completely get rid of the past... Although it is a difficult process, after you have survived this period, you will be able to continue your journey with your confidence restored.

Cancer zodiac sign

Dear Lions and rising Lions, no matter how hard you struggle in your daily life, routine running, work environment, these challenges do not deter you, but rather make you even more determined and ambitious. Especially in your business life, hugging everything, waging war on those around you, weeding out what you don't want, your mood, which integrates with the promise that I will not be elected, is reflected in your attitudes. In your love life, there is a situation of reluctance and dissatisfaction, there may be some difficulties, you can get support from someone older. While it's a flirting period if you're single or alone, there's a delay in relationships now that all you want is power and dominance.


Leo zodiac sign

Dear Virgos and rising Virgos, in love and flirtation, frustrations in your relationships, difficulties await you this week, especially those with children, problems with their children may come to light. They can have power struggles, arguments. By transforming this energy, spending it on sports, focusing on your hobbies, finding different pursuits can help to calm you down a little bit. In terms of work and money, you can have a number of earnings such as home and real estate on the agenda, someone in your family can support you, you can move your business to your home, you can focus your mind on the books of accounts. Planning for trips in general this week will seem logical.

Virgo zodiac sign

Dear Libras and Rising Scales, this week you may have difficulties with your family life or make changes where you live, and you may find unexpected sudden changes. A number of different issues are on your agenda on real estate such as moving, relocating, buying a house, selling a house. In general, you strive to be fair in your relationships, you are calm and balanced in your words, speeches and attitudes. You're confident and cautious in your own mood. In terms of love affairs, it can be an end and an end. Faced with such a situation, the Libras are strong enough to overcome it.

Libra zodiac sign

Dear Scorpions and rising Scorpions, this week there are tough situations with people you consider as close as your close relatives, brothers or brothers. Disagreements, internal unrest are on your agenda. If you are a frequently relocated Scorpion, you should take precautions against minor accidents, obstacles and problems that may occur during your short trips. This is a week when you'll be lucky in love and relationships, but you shouldn't set out to get back at ex-lovers or get revenge. You should know that such an attitude wears you down. Your feelings will be strong and your perceptions will be clear. You shouldn't listen to everything you hear from the outside.

Scorpio zodiac sign

Dear Springs and Rising Springs, you are in a week where you will experience financial congestion and you can get into a number of events about your financial values. You are in a week where your daily hustle and bustle will increase and your workload will increase your responsibilities. You have to be careful with people going behind your back this week. Because someone in your business or your circle of friends might be gossiping. Although there is no problem in your love issues, pleasant and beautiful organizations are waiting for you. You will be able to exchange ideas together, have a good time and add value to each other.


Sagittarius zodiac sign

Dear Capricorns and rising Capricorns, there is a big change for you, you are going through a process that is a little debilitating, a little tiring, and also competitive. You want to make decisions about yourself and fight for them, but at the same time, you don't seem to be in a good mood to fight. You've been worn out by a change of home, a relocation, a number of family events. But after this week, you'll feel more relaxed and serene. You may find more than one busy time in business matters, and you may not know which side to catch up with. Love is what you're lucky to be. You love and you're loved. Your partner or partner is your biggest supporter.

Capricorn zodiac sign

Dear Buckets and Rising Buckets; Be prepared for internal restlessness, insomnia, stress this week. In fact, everything seems to be fine from the outside, but situations that you can't digest can tire you out. Try not to get stuck in the past, if you have a habit or bad habit that you don't want, you are in an ideal time frame to quit. You will want to be in your home and go to a number of small changes, such as decoration. It's up to you this week to buy objects you love and add your own soul to your home. It will come your way in opportunities where you can jointly earn income from business and settle your debts. I think you should say oh and relax. Mysterious people may want to enter your life when it came to your love affairs.

Aquarius zodiac sign

Dear Fish and Rising Fish, there's plenty of news this week about power struggles, discussions and changes you'll hear about your social home, friends and environment. Having long had problems in your business life, career, the Fish can relax by making a partnership agreement or getting support from someone.  You are in a week when both you and your partner will be financially relaxed. A number of challenges will bring you conveniences as well. Internally, I suggest you stop throwing in the subjects that you are worn out and upset about from time to time. You have to remember that if you go like this, you're going to hurt yourself.


Pisces zodiac sign
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