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Weekly horoscope reviews (29 March-4 April)

When we evaluate the week, the first day can be at the forefront of relationships, emotions, themes that we are trying to balance. These are the days when our intuition and feelings can be strong... By evaluating these characteristics, we can achieve success in our business and artistic activities. Confusion, contemplation, forgetfulness can come to our agenda. 

From midweek, we may have some very supportive days to take lasting, robust, long-term steps. We can take more realistic approaches in line with our goals and objectives. By taking the necessary responsibilities, we can create solid ground. Important opportunities and chances may arise in these matters. We can go through the days when our ideas and thoughts can benefit the transformations in our lives. 

Major planetary movements;

As of the weekend, Our thoughts and communication can be accelerated with the transition of Mercury to the sign of Aries. We can tend to make quick decisions, talk a little hard and sharp. 

Note: You should read according to your ascending sign. If you don't know, you can read according to your Sun sign. 

We can have a week where we can face our deep wounds and heal. Our dreams can be messenger. Our intuition can be quite elevated. We can step into long-term new beginnings where we feel safe, and we can face significant support on these issues. As of the weekend, we can enter a process in which we can reveal our ideas, our thoughts more clearly, and feel bolder when making decisions about our lives.

We can have a week where we can make decisions based on our goals, our dreams. We can make long and stable beginnings by taking on the responsibilities we need to take on our career life. We can get significant support from people who are experienced in these issues. As of the weekend, we can determine new directions for ourselves by accessing important awareness in our inner world. We can act on our intuition. In this process, our dreams can make sense.

Our minds about our career and future can be a little confused. We are in a process where we can focus on issues where we feel uncertainty. By approaching our goals and objectives more seriously, we can make decisions that will strengthen our ground. We can get support from older people on these issues. As of the weekend, our social environment can expand, the way we express ourselves to our environment can become more dominant, leading, leading.

We may be looking for meaning in our lives. We can enter into thoughts about identifying new directions, discovering our own truths. Developments related to education, travel, and legal issues may come to our agenda. We can go through a process where we can be supported by the confidence we want to feel about things like marriage, careers. As of the weekend, we can mobilize ideas about our career, our future. With our communication, we can enter a period in which we can reveal ourselves.

We can evaluate the beginning of the week to delve into deep issues, to deal with spiritual issues. Dreams, thoughts can deepen, transform us. The income of the spouse, we can deal with monetary issues that will come from external sources. At this point, we may have to be a little careful. We have to be careful not to take any wrong steps by being too dreamy. By the middle of the week, we can take our relationship to a more serious level. We can make stable, long-lasting starts. As of the weekend, we can take bolder steps in the fields of education, travel, law.

We can get into our dream relationship. We can have a very romantic process in bilateral relations. We can get good offers from our partners or collaborators. We can make long-term starts with our material revenues. In this sense, we can get significant support from authority figures. As of the weekend, we can find ways to increase our common sources of income. We can take steps that will bring income from external sources.

We can develop a new idea of what we want to change in our routine. We can get a new offer from people we work with, there may be a change in our position. An awareness of our health can develop. A lasting, stable relationship can come on our agenda. We can take an existing relationship to a serious level. As of the weekend, our minds can focus on our relationships, our partnerships, and we can take bolder steps.

A new love could be involved in our lives. We can go through a supportive process related to activities that require design, art, creativity. Good developments about our children and our investments can come to the agenda. We can take permanent new steps related to buying a house, buying decks, moving. We can be supported by our inner circle in this regard. As of the weekend, we may have a pioneering, leading-spirited, somewhat confrontational approach that wants our word to pass in the working environment. Beware of Health!

We can afford the first days of the week with beautiful developments that can happen about our home, home family life. A serious relationship that will just start may come up. We can start a new long-term hobby that we will enjoy. We can take positive steps to heal an existing relationship. We may have new business partnerships that will begin fatally. As of the weekend, we can achieve success by bringing our creative direction to the forefront. We can make initiatives on themes such as stock market, investment.

We can approach our inner circle with empathy. We can come up with creative ideas. Our communication can be emotionally connected to our dreams. We can be a little pensive and forgetful. We can create a new order in which we feel safe about material issues. We can make new arrangements for our house. As of the weekend, we can enter a period where we can be more active in our family communication and put forward our ideas comfortably.

We can meet the week with positive developments on financial issues. We can get the income we've been dreaming about for a while. Long-term deals, we can make business connections that make us feel safe. We can get important offers. It could be a love offer. We can go through a process that supports us on these issues. Good developments about children can also come to our agenda. As of the weekend, our minds can be activated and we can put forward our ideas faster.

We can make good progress on something we dream of. There may be days when we can express ourselves more comfortably, achieve success by revealing our creative direction and ideas. We may have some dreamy approaches to relationships. We can get good support on monetary issues. We can make new arrangements to make us feel safe. As of the weekend, we can start taking bolder steps on financial issues.

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