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Weekly horoscope reviews (25 September-October 1)

Dear Coaches and rising horoscope Coaches, yes, we're starting a new week, and this week you have initiatives on education and training. While your overseas-related business and legal issues come to the fore, in the middle of the week you will focus more on your career and immerse yourself in your work. You can plan and implement your work in a professional way. You can meet with authority figures and make meetings, presentations, show yourself. The moon's angles can be a little tiring. The moon, which will meet Saturn and then Pluto, can wear down nerves. You know how we say there's a silver lining to everything, you know, sometimes you can have those feelings, dear Coaches, and your love life doesn't change, your relationship is going well. Coaches who are single should be prepared for surprise offers. Have a nice week, stay with love and health...


Dear Bulls and rising zodiac Bulls, the first days of the week the moon begins in Sagittarius, drawing attention to its movement and your co-working co-working co-op. There are a number of things you do with your partner or partner that come up. The topics you will talk about during these few weeks will be material values, inheritance, loans and debts. Later in the week, your perspective on life changes and your interest and curiosity in distant countries increases. This week, your career and business issues in general will be prominent. You will continue to progress in terms of business, there will be small problems, but you will be able to overcome them easily with your structure that does not stop holding. It doesn't seem like the problems in your love life are over. You have to be careful to be constructive, not to be stubborn, there is no door that love cannot open, remind yourself that... Have a nice week, goodbye until I see you the next week.


Dear Gemini and rising sign Twins, you start next week by repairing your bilateral relations. I say tamir because many Twins have difficulty in their relationships these periods, there may be some misunderstanding and dissatisfaction, lack of love, inability to get the value they give... Yes, next week you should sit down with your partner and have some arrangements and conversations with each other, like where do we make mistakes, what I give, what do I get, what you give, what you get. Remember, wanting is half of success... If you want to at least fix something that's not going well, you have to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. In the following days, when you will be in front of you in the middle of the week on issues such as taxes, loans and interest, you will consider your common earnings and payments and put your hand up for them. As a twin people, you value honesty, honesty and sincerity, and you have no business with people beyond that. You take it out of your life without a minute's thought and it's replaced by new ones... Have a nice week, goodbye until next week...


Dear Crabs and rising zodiac Crabs, you start the new week with paying bills, credit card installments, shopping for supplies at home or your daily routine at work. Some of you get health checks and start a new diet program, while others are busy caring for your pets. In general, this week your ruling planet, the moon's angles are a little debilitating, it can make you feel sad all of a sudden. Crab people have a generally sensitive structure, but their emotions are very variable. This is due to the change of the zodiac sign, which is that the administrators relocate every 2.5 days. You may not feel sorry for something you're very upset about today after 2 days. In your bilateral relations, you may be upset about something that has never upset you, or you may not be at all upset about something that has upset you at all. I wish it a good week, stay healthy and loving.


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Dear Lions and rising sign Aslan, you start the week by spending on your children, and you enjoy it, and the thought that I should earn more so that I can spend more easily surrounds you. The Lions, who don't want to settle for less and always demand a little more, will make amends with their bosses this week or the Lions, who have jobs, will succeed by better organizing their business. You are in a week where you want to be involved in sporting activities, hobbies and things that give you pleasure, have fun and live life to the fullest. You can get caught in the middle of love and dating, and you can be alone when you say that or that. When making your choices, you should choose the one that really suits you and find the one that completes you. As a Lion woman or a Lion man, you first care about loyalty and honesty. Therefore, I would say do not ignore this point in your choices.


Dear Virgos and rising sign Virgos, you have been experiencing a number of domestic difficulties for some time with your family, your brother, your children, perhaps for financial reasons, maybe because of disagreements. You start the new week trying to get over it. You've had problems with everything, and maybe because you're a little too critical. You'll only get over them in time. I'd say it's going to get better. There may be Virgos who want to move houses, change neighborhoods. For those who have problems where they live, for those who are dissatisfied, house searches can accelerate earlier in the week. By midweek, you may want to improve your personal skills, take care of a hobby and distract yourself by organizing small-scale organizations, and you can succeed in what you will address. When I look at your love life, I say that you should not expect everything from the other side in your marriage or relationships with your partner and you should put your hand up. Have a nice week, stay healthy and loving...


Dear Libras and rising sign Libra, you start the week with your close environmental relations. There may have been a rift between you and your brothers, your neighbors, and one or more of the people who were with you. The tension stems from you this time. As a conciliatory, fight-fighting person, you seem a little overwhelmed right now. I think you'll get through this easily. You'll find harmony as soon as possible. It's all a matter of balance, please take care to stay in balance, dear Libras. By midweek, you'll be busy with your house and giving invitations. Large meetings, crowded environments will be good for you. At the same time, this will give you an opportunity to make things right with your loved ones. Your love life is a bit complicated at this time, there may be minor problems for those who are in a relationship, such as relationships that start suddenly and end abruptly for libras who are alone. At the end of the week I say you will find a formula for this too and goodbye until we see each other the following week...


Dear Scorpions and rising scorpions, if you have spent too much on your social life in recent weeks, you may have trouble paying for it this week. Again, money issues will be on your agenda, you will get support from your inner circle. Feel free to ask for help, because they will gladly help you. In fact, it will be a week in which you will have your partner's support in your work and career. By the middle of the week, your communication direction is increasing and you will make progress in your dialogues with people, such as public relations, publicity, marketing, advertising. You may experience an end to your love life or an argument may ensue. Until I see you next week, goodbye.

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Dear Sagittarius and rising sign Sagittarius Sagittarius, you want to enter this week taking care of yourself. You want to take the time to make new decisions or review the decisions you make. If you have income from joint business, you can start by evaluating them. The idea of spreading information to people and serving the collective dominates you, as a Sagittarius who knows everything and has a very good world view and life view, you want to be an example for people to look through this window and analyze things correctly. By the middle of the week, new alternative business topics can be laid out in front of you and you can start exploring different ways of earning. You may want to undergo a major change and transformation in this regard. In your love life, you may have problems and stresses of your own, and it may require some understanding and a little patience. At the end of the week, you will be able to have a pleasant and pleasant time with your close friends. Stay with love, goodbye.

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Dear Capricorns and rising sign Capricorns, I can almost hear those of you who have not been able to get rid of last week's fatigue and how quickly it was Monday and I have not yet rested. You have a lot of work to do and you are in a busy period where your responsibilities increase, so you work hard, you get too tired. Some of you may still be at home, wanting to relax and stay and plan on their own. Yes, your love and dating issues seem to be moving this week, and there may be some problems with your children this week. In your love life, you are loved, the person you love cares about you and the love between you dazzles. Let's say Mashallah and stay healthy and loving until we meet the next week...


Dear Buckets and rising sign Aquarius, you can see that what you are raising in your eyes about health issues is not a problem at all. Or you can get over the home accidents you will experience during the daily routine with a very small abrasion. This week you may want to make attempts to correct the problems and tensions in your circle of friends and make changes to your social circle. If you have friends who are at odds, you can mediate between them and help them get better. It's going to be a very busy week and you'll feel tired towards the end of the week. You'll have a week to get some good news about your work.  After the big competition, you're going to win and you're going to want to celebrate. If it's your love life, I'd say it's a little monotonous right now. Take care and goodbye until we meet the following week.


Dear Fish and rising sign Fish, it's a bit of a stressful time for fish experimenting with children, you can think about why it's not causing it, if there's a problem. If it doesn't work out, he's got time. I'm just saying it's worth waiting a little longer. Your relationships with your superiors in your business subjects, your work pace is tiring. You can start the week by fighting them, dear Fish... Towards midweek, you will have pleasant organizations with your friends. There can be birthdays, celebrations and excursions. When I look at your love life, the person you love may be thinking about more work right now. He might want to change jobs, or he might want to get promoted, see what he's getting paid for. It's up to you, dear Fishes, to support him on these issues... Take care and goodbye until we see each other the following week.


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