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Weekly horoscope reviews (1-7 March)

We can evaluate this week by setting our priorities and experiencing surrender by staying in the flow.

This Wednesday, March 4, 2021 as of 6.29 pm, Our Planet Mars will be transitioning from the element earth (Bull) to the element air (Gemini). April 23, 2021 it will continue its course until 14.48 pm. 

Mars ' transition to Bull on January 7, systematizing and organizing, and the transition to Aries on June 27, 2020, led to an ultra-long round of combat. Basically, he had created obsessions around the world.

We will find some comfort and peace, and this transition will allow us to experience something completely different!

From the day we entered 2021, the issues of our work and the practice of our lives had taken priority. And yes, we had a lot of work to take care of. But coming for two months, our priority will be our own people.

We have to meet everyone, from our best friend, friend or business partner: What does everyone really do? we should be interested ... but our interest should be in learning what's going on in their lives in general, rather than focusing on the consequences. We deal with all sorts of situations in our daily routine, from job loss to isolation and stress. These contacts and conversations can help us uncover ways in which we can easily remove each other's burden.

Are we ready to upgrade, expand the projects we have? When Mars is in Gemini, new partnerships can emerge, and our solo missions can turn into dynamic duos. But let's remember that this 2-month process can be an impulsive cycle! When the urge to unite our forces comes, we must know that this union is a short-term collaboration and test it by sniffing the air. It will also be important that we see where the synergy that will arise from our cooperation is and where it is not! 

"My life is so stable” we can feel it in a process we call. We must not forget that our ideas of this choppy tide can change hourly. So the key word we should keep in mind short you must have!

Thursday March 5 in the morning hours of the day At 6.27, our creative power is growing. Let's put the vision that comes to our minds into words, write down our wishes and express our readiness to fight.

For the third (and final) time since we entered 2021, Mercury and Jupiter will be synchronized and reunited in Aquarius. The first reunion on January 11, when we planted our inspiration seeds, may not have happened immediately, as Mercury declined from January 30 to February 20. When Jupiter and Retro Mercury meet again on February 15th, those first seeds may have flown out of our minds. 

If we find it worth reviewing our retrospective intentions… February January 11 and February 14, What Were we thinking? What notes did we get in our calendar? We can create an important reminder to reconsider the emails we send, the agreement we started working on but left unfinished, the contract. 

It's your job to set your alarms!

This week we will be happy with material issues. Short-term training that we can improve ourselves on business may be on our agenda. Making plans for the future in our lives, conducting research in which we can develop strategies can give confidence. At the same time, we may face unexpected opportunities in financial matters. We can feel alone, both in emotional matters and in our friendship relationships.

Bonus: What awaits the horoscope in 2021 March?

This week, we may have tense conversations, disagreements, discussions in our bilateral relations. Because we will be looking for trust, it may be possible that we will completely cut off communication with people who are not honest with us. It could be much better if we just keep in touch with the people we trust. Because in our lives, we can see the harm of people who do not have good thoughts about us. It may be in our best interest to be open to innovation in our lives.

Bonus: What awaits the horoscope in 2021 March?

We may not get the attention we expect in our emotional world this week. Because of this, we can face situations such as conflicts, tensions, disagreements and differences of opinion. But logic and willpower can help us get rid of some of our problems. Our approach to events from a logical point of view, rather than an emotional point of view, can lead to the elimination of problems. By delving into deep thoughts, we can make plans for the future. It may be a week in which you will see support, especially in relation to your material world.

Bonus: What awaits the horoscope in 2021 March?

It's a week in which we have to act carefully and cautiously in our personal lives. Situations where we will be in search of interest and trust, where we will not fully receive the value we give, can cause us to be nervous. Especially in bilateral relations, we may face tensions, differences of opinion, contradictions and obstacles. There may be an anger management problem. In order not to face problems, we may have to sift through our words and weave them often. Failure to balance shopping in our material world, unexpected payments can put you in a difficult situation.

Bonus: What awaits the horoscope in 2021 March?

This week may reveal bold steps towards new initiatives, especially on material issues. As a result of the initiatives, we may have positive developments. And because of these gratifying developments, we can make new plans for the future in our lives. Short but important journeys can be exposed. We must also be open to changes in our lives. These changes can make us inward. We can also have a week where we can have emotional improvements.

Bonus: What awaits the horoscope in 2021 March?

In our lives, we may face new initiatives, new investments, new opportunities that may arise. Discouragement or ignoring innovations so that the existing order does not deteriorate can lead to later regrets. Being open to innovation can lead to results that can bring happiness. So we can take bold steps against opportunities that may arise in our lives. Situations like the contact of a person from the past that we literally can't finish in our emotional world can be exciting. In addition, supporting the people who need us in our bilateral relations without waiting for a response, being near the people we care about can make us feel tired.

Bonus: What awaits the horoscope in 2021 March?

Problems that have been blinded in our lives can now be solved. Our liberation from a burden, a responsibility, from situations that negatively affect us can occur with the appearance of major changes. The fact that a big change exists in our lives, such as resignation, promotion, relocation or relocation, can lead to our relief. Successful completion of developments in education or career can lead to increased self-confidence.

Bonus: What awaits the horoscope in 2021 March?

This week, there may be significant improvements in our emotional lives. If we are together, we can experience improvements in strengthening our ties and having romantic times, if we are alone, we have a serious Union.Dec. In particular, it may be possible that a shared love will be revealed by the enthusiastic experience of feelings of joy, happiness, and peace. It can be the renewal of our energy, the coloring of our social life, or the purchase of expensive gifts. 

Bonus: What awaits the horoscope in 2021 March?

This week may be about loving, peaceful, feeling better, gratifying developments that we will be deeply affected by. It may be that we experience exciting times when we will have the concepts of interest and trust that we need. Achieving a shopping balance on material issues can put us in a difficult position. So we should be very careful when we spend.

Bonus: What awaits the horoscope in 2021 March?

We may feel emotionally alone this week. Having a skeptical view of the future can lead to a sense of negativity, distress, and despair in the communications we will establish. So instead of focusing on situations like anxiety and anxiety about the future, having a more positive perspective can make us feel better. 

Bonus: What awaits the horoscope in 2021 March?

We can be the target of people who carry feelings of hostility and jealousy towards us. It may be much better for us to distance ourselves from people who exhibit dishonest attitudes in our bilateral relations. Decisions that can be made belatedly on material issues can lead to major changes in our lives. It may be that we have a week where we can feel much stronger economically.

Bonus: What awaits the horoscope in 2021 March?

Unexpected payments that we may face in our material world this week may be revealed, such as a lack of balance in shopping. We may feel mentally tired. We may be faced with abstentions and discouragement in attempts caused by this situation. But focus, effort, and courage can bring us absolute success and help us prosper in material matters.

Bonus: What awaits the horoscope in 2021 March?

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