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Weekly horoscope (July 19-26)

  • Our responsibilities may increase further.
  • We can go into the process of deciding the steps we have taken this week.
  • We are in a period open to New, surprising developments.
  • Especially today, we have to start by paying attention to our words.
  • I would like to remind you that there is an atmosphere in which we should approach our loved ones more moderately.
  • Let's not create unnecessary language wounds for ourselves. 

  • Tuesday, July 20 the sky can offer us healing energies that will illuminate our soul in the Union of Mercury with Sirius, if we do not deviate from goodness and honesty, and use our minds and knowledge cunningly. Let's not neglect to please our lovely friends on the street with our tongue and hand, to blow the power of love into the sky today.
  • Thursday, July 22 the day sky gets a little heated. 
  • The Sun Is In The Sign Of Leo! Happy Birthday, my dear Leo friends...
  • Venus, the planet of our earthly jungles, our choices, ends the course of The Lion and makes the transition to the sign of Virgo.
  • During this period, we may want to show our love by serving and producing benefits around us.
  • As soon as Venus passes through the sign of Virgo, let's pay attention to the challenging atmosphere that will form between Jupiter and Dec.
  • Let's not drop ourselves into victim psychology in our bilateral relationships.
  • We should pay more attention to our receiving and giving cycle during this period, remembering that excess humility hurts.
  • I wish us a holiday that we will spend with our loved ones in beauty...


Note: You should read according to your ascending sign, if you don't know, you can read according to your solar sign. 

We have to be careful of communication accidents. We can enjoy ourselves a little bit this week. We may want to rest ourselves. We may want to explore more new places. We can continue on our way by gaining awareness in the areas where we want to make changes. Hidden events can come to light. The health of our family elders may suddenly be on the agenda. We may be at a time when we need to stay away from extravagant behavior.

Message of the heavens: Not every truth is said Everywhere.

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We can achieve harmony between our special relationships and our children.Dec. We may think we're having a lucky time. We may want to take on the responsibilities of our family elders. We can evaluate life on a more logical side. A process in which we will pay for what we have worked so far. We can experience a period when we heal memories that we sweep into the subconscious with the power of love. Our family responsibilities may increase. We can reconsider our career goals. We can evaluate the new job offers that come before us. We can also get new baby news.

Message of the heavens: Go after what they want.

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We can have a period of ups and downs with our financial resources. We must be wary of deceit, avoid unnecessary borrowing.  Our project-based work may be on our agenda. We can plan beginnings for new training. We can go on short trips. We can achieve the balance and harmony we seek in our bilateral relations. We can beautify the areas we live in. We can have pleasant associations in our family life. We can get support from our inner circle. We can plan to buy new technological tools to use for training. We may have new agendas for our distant relatives.

Message of the heavens: Extend your foot according to your duvet.

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We can feel life's struggle intensely. We can evaluate our financial resources positively. We may want to reconsider our common financial resources. If there are problems in these areas, we can offer to separate our coffers with this week's energies. We can gain new awareness in our relationships with the people with whom we share our lives. We can do short travel programs. We can pay for what we have worked for since the beginning of the year. And we can experience a period when we need to pay extra attention to our health.

Message of the heavens: Contact starwind.

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Happy New Year! Happy Birthday, Dear Lions... During this period, we can express ourselves with more creative ideas in communication with our social environment. We have to pay attention to our hormones, our emotions. We can evaluate our monetary resources for the investments we want. There may be sudden, unexpected and shocking developments on our agenda. We shouldn't be making decisions too fast. In our bilateral relations, we can clearly say our wishes. As a result of our sudden awareness, we should not create crisis environments with our loved ones. We must not abuse our power in our daily lives, but be prepared for sudden unexpected tasks and responsibilities.

Message of the heavens: Don't make sudden decisions.

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It can be a week open to accidents of communication with friends and our social environment. We can feel good emotionally. We can have a lucky time in favor of love and love. If there are secret works that are turned around behind us, we can gain new awareness during this period. We can make new arrangements in our social environment. We can experience new agendas related to health and our daily life order. We shouldn't be blindly optimistic in our life partnerships, we shouldn't promise more than we can. We can achieve our desires through the power of positive thinking. We can evaluate the new job offers that come before us.

Message of the heavens: The truth will come out sooner or later.

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It can be a week open to communication accidents in our bilateral relations and areas of work. We must not push the conditions too hard. We can get unexpected promotion News in our careers. We may want to consider the new offers that come before us. Platonic relations may be on the agenda. We may want to be more involved with our social environment, our groups of friends. We can find ourselves in unplanned organizations. We can have fun with our friends. We can make new decisions about our children, live a peaceful week. 

Message of the heavens: Get the support of your loved ones.

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There may be a period when we need to pay attention to communication accidents related to our inner circle and brothers. We can make new decisions about our plans and projects for the future. Sky could bring new relationships to the single Scorpions this week. We can be aware of the issues we have long wanted for change. We can implement our new space and projects. We can apply for new jobs. We can have some nice surprises. We can experience beautiful developments in our family relations, which are in crisis, and once again feel the importance of family unity deep down.

Message of the heavens: Give your loved ones another chance. 

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Our expectations of life may be higher. We can have an emotionally anxious mood. We can get new offers in our careers. We can applaud in public. We can take initiatives to implement our new projects. If we have cases that we leave to a legal solution, we can get results in the direction we expect. We must be wary of misunderstandings, communication accidents in our immediate environment. We can put ourselves strongly in the area we want in life, make a surprise holiday program with our loved ones.

Message of the heavens: Believe in the miracles of life.

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We can start a week where we can experience some blockages in communication with our family, our roots and those with whom we share common areas of our lives. We may want to be with people who are happy with their presence, who make our soul feel good. We can make a holiday program far away with the people we love. If we have an educational idea, we can start a new personal development program that suits us by entering into new research. We may experience some imbalances between our income and expenses.Dec. There may be a period when we should avoid unnecessary spending. We can experience crises about common resources and achieve a beautiful transformation with the awareness that occurs.

Message of the heavens: Observe your life partners well.

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We start the week with an energy that is open to some communication accidents in our immediate environment and in our subordinate/superior relationships in business environments. We may have some crises about joint earnings. By gaining sudden awareness, we can experience beautiful changes with our own energy and power. We can catch the easy flow we expect in our payments. We can see more clearly the outcome of what we want in life and make lasting decisions. In this period, when we will gain sudden renewal and awareness, we can create material opportunities in a positive direction with the power of our intuition. We should not forget that we are open to unexpected health conditions, we should not create unnecessary stresses on ourselves.

Message of the heavens: Discover the mysterious aspects of life.

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We may experience some blockages, disruptions in our communication with children and our bilateral relations. By being calm, we must rest our soul a little, maintain our silence. It could be a week when we have to pay extra attention to the health of our children. Single fish can sail into sudden relationships during this period. If we have news related abroad that we expect, we can get positive results this week. If we have a signature job, we can consider it carefully before making sudden decisions. The health problems of our own family and family elders can be raised. Events beyond our control can develop, and this can bring sudden awareness to our lives and lead to fateful transformations.

Message of the heavens: Fate weaves its webs.

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