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Weekly astrology reviews (September 21-27)

We start next week in the sign of The Moon, Scorpio. We can feel intuitive, introverted and restless in places. The fact that the moon is in a sign that it is not comfortable in the sign of Scorpio can make us feel nervous and suspicious at times. We can question the work and events that come our way as a detective. Financial issues, investments, debt, loans and interest may be on the agenda. On the other hand, we can apply detoxes to get rid of spiritual fear and toxins. In the afternoon, thanks to the friendly angle of the moon and the sun, we can feel ourselves in a more comfortable, active and easy process of energy flowing.

We wake up on Tuesday in Sagittarius, The Moon. We may want to start with an energetic, mobile and optimistic mood. On the other hand, the sun's presence in the extremely high ranks of Virgo today can give us extra hard work with its constant star interaction. Journeys, educational studies, extensive knowledge, religiosity and teaching issues may be on the agenda today. Sea and navy issues can be discussed. The moon's friendly angle with Chiron supports us to face our wounds and become the ointment of our own. On the other hand, the reunion of Venus and Vesta today can lead to rises in precious metals such as gold.  From 16:31, the sun switches to Libra, kicking off the autumn equinox. Happy new age to all Libra horoscopes already! The Sun's Libra travel makes rights, justice, law, law, relationships, institution of marriage and empathy more visible in our lives. Justice, courts and marriages could come under more scrutiny this term. The shadow of Libra is instability and balance. It's important to stay in balance this term without getting too caught up in indecision!

On Wednesday, as the moon moves through Sagittarius, we can express ourselves better and convey our feelings to the other side more easily thanks to the friendly angles it will make with Mercury. In the morning, thanks to the moon's friendly angle with Venus, we can have a very active time for relations and money markets. Mercury, on the other hand, is approaching retro mars. It's better not to squabbling with anyone. It is worth taking care of hobbies that make you walk and expend energy in case of possible anger increases. The moon enters the void from 8:31 p.m. It's worth resting and rewarding ourselves.

We wake up on Thursday in Capricorn, The Moon. While serious, disciplined and concentrating can be assessed by handling and advancing, the square of the moon with the Sun in the morning can cause some tension with authority. It's worth staying calm and moving forward with logic without mixing emotions. With the contrast between Mercury and Retro Mars confirmed today, we can have a day open to anger, anxiety and headaches. Sudden outflows, disagreements and impulsive movements may be more prominent with the back movement of Mars. Let's be careful not to get sucked into squabbly and unwarranted competitive environments. Especially our ambitions from the past and within us can come to light. Rather than being angry, it is worth following the example of the Capricorn of the moon and being serious, cool and distant.

On Friday, the moon reunites with Jupiter as it continues its journey in Capricorn. Economics, financial issues and agriculture can come to the fore. Exaggerated situations may be raised in the issues represented by Capricorn, in the business markets and in the land issues. On the other hand, we can evaluate the situation in order to make serious and sound decisions individually. While logic stands out in our emotions, it's better not to travel to extremes. As of evening, the square angle with retro Mars is exacerbated by the moon's approach to Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. As such, emotional crises, fights and destructive conversations can be inevitable. Let's be very careful what comes out of our mouths and clumsiness. Let's stay away from manipulations.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, the moon squares Mercury in the extremely high levels of Capricorn. We can wake up with headaches, feel a little nervous. As of 09:08, the moon is switching to Aquarius. We may want to socialize with plans that we want to be free and marginalized. The moon's friendly angle with the Sun seems supportive in the second half of the day in the name of socializing and pleasant plans. We can also come up with ideas for creative work and artistic activities. In the name of serious decisions and important steps, it is worth not acting impulsively today because Mercury is preparing to change the zodiac sign...

On Sunday, the moon continues its journey in Aquarius, while the square angle with Uranus, which occurs at night, continues away. We may get some surprising and surprising news. Some of us may have had this news from the night. Mercury, the planet that describes the way we communicate and express ourselves, is transitioning to scorpio today. Intellectually, we can be restless, nervous and skeptical this term. We can have a period of crisis in monetary matters and speculative news. Considering that mercury retrospective will also begin in the sign of Scorpio, we should be careful in the name of spiritual problems and queerness, not let unwarranted doubts gnaw through our brains. When Mercury's on Scorpion, we track and investigate like detectives. Deep analyses and long studies can be carried out on the subjects that need to be specialized. Steps can be taken in the name of receiving therapy and spiritual awakenings. As long as we stay away from obsessions...

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