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Weekend review from the astrologer Dolunay Karaca

Hello dear readers, we have a situation where we take our feelings too seriously on Saturday this weekend; The moon and Saturn will meet, the moon that will move in sagittarius; in fact, while allowing us to look at the world with different eyes from a very spontaneous, fiery, moving, optimistic, philosophical, wide perspective; It's a little restricted by Saturn, which is in the same zodiac sign.

So we want to look at everything wide, we want to be comfortable, we want to live according to our minds, maybe, but then the truth prevails, we stop ourselves for a moment, we say no, I have to be mature, I shouldn't act this way, I have to come to my senses... During this dilemma, fortunately, a supporting angle comes from Venus and Mercury from the sign of Aslan; our conversations are persuasive, we are good at expressing ourselves well, whatever we are really going through; We have the comfort of being able to express our feelings to the other side.

Venus and Mercury will be reunited in Aslan over the weekend; Good speech, being expressive, artistic activities, show business, the desire to be on stage is extreme, our thoughts are more prone to positive. Fashion and aesthetic issues are popular. It is suitable for friendly and warm environments, pleasant conversations, beautiful organizations. As of 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, the moon is in space. So he comes out of Sagittarius and won't have another angle until he switches to Capricorn at 9:30 p.m.; A serene and routine Sunday awaits us.

Stay with love, have a nice weekend with your loved ones ...

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