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Weekend review from Astrologer Dolunay Karaca

Hello, dear readers,

The moon, which switched to Gemini on Friday, will be in Gemini all day saturday. It will trigger us to communicate, to learn, to read, to write, to learn new things. When the moon is in the Gemins; In general, we are all more curious, more investigative, talkative and more interested in our surroundings.

These days, however, especially small-scale rumors, questions such as who did what, where they went, how, are of extra importance to everyone; tabloid information, more superficial and fast-spreading news stand out. Around you, it's about neighbors, friends, and everyone wants to tell each other things.

There's a friendly, friendly, wiggly energy in the Gemin days. Our fortunes can be double. Therefore, indecision is at the forefront. When we're going to buy one thing, we like the other one, we can't decide. Our general attitude adapts to the variable Gemini sign and to be able to adapt to every situation, to show flexibility thanks to our variability, to be able to change decisions and to be able to easily navigate towards whichever is best for us; advantages.

When I look at the angles, there's an opposite angle between the sun and Saturn on Saturday morning. In this case, it is to act a little cool and heavy, to try to be more consistent. It's very convenient for shopping on Saturday, provided it's not overstated. We may be more interested in things that are different and cheerful, that make us happy. On Sunday, the moon will switch to crab sign. We're going to want to be more of a family affair, with the grandparents, in our home, where we feel good.

Stay with love, I wish you all a beautiful weekend...

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