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Weekend review from Astrologer Dolunay Karaca

Hello, dear readers,

The moon, which switched to Virgo on Friday, will move in Virgo during the day on Saturday. In virgo days, issues such as meticulousness, detailing, critical perspective, hygiene, health and cleanliness come to the fore. We do a lot of work. We go into the finest detail of everything because we want it to be perfect.

Perfectionism is already one of the most fundamental features of Virgo. That's why we love to criticize when the moon moves in Virgo, and there are plenty of critics around us these days. Being useful to our environment, helping, not in the foreground, maybe, but getting a lot of work done from the background is our focus these days. It is a good time to organize cabinets at home or in the office, to place files, to put them in order, to get things in order in the environment we are in, to get the work done. Again, the theme of variability and instability should be taken into account and you should take on a hardworking energy to focus on your work and do what is necessary. Spikes are because they are of a variable structure and indecision prevails. We can be prone to worry, obsessed with certain things. Virgo manages the digestive system. There may be problems in this area. That's why it's best to consume foods with plenty of fiber and drink plenty of water.

On Sunday, when the moon moves to the scales, we will be on a day when we can adapt to more harmonious, calmer, more artistic and bilateral relations. There will be increases in our desire to socialize, strengthen ties, be with our loved ones, create peaceful and fair environments. Especially at the entrance to Sunday, there is a sexty angle between the moon and Venus, that is, a harmonious angle view. We must show our love to our loved ones, show it and maintain this energy in a balanced, conciliatory attitude. I wish you a weekend of love. Love...

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