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Weekend entertainment guide (February 13-14)

His proposition is from me, his experience and interpretation is from you...


1. Our stop today is Karaköy. Beware of the cold, so I will not recommend a long walk. We dive into the streets of Karaköy. Muazzam, whose breakfast has been spreading from ear to ear lately, is our first stop today. From the eggs to cheese they use, every product smells of naturalness, I say lovers of sprinkled Turkish breakfasts should not miss it. 40TL per person.
Address: Hacimimi Neighborhood, Arapoğlan Street, No 7/1, Beyoglu

2. Coffee Sapiens is one of the newest representatives of the "3rd wave coffee shops", which have taken coffee out of the trade and turned it into a passion. Besides the coffee, I highly recommend your homemade lemon cheesecake. They even managed to impress someone like me who wasn't very good with cheesecake.
Double Espresso + Cheesecake £16
Address:Kemankeş Neighborhood,Kilic Ali Pasha Masjid Sok. No:10/C Karaköy
Contact:(0212) 244 12 96

3. The Art of Banksy exhibition continues at Global Karaköy. Unlike free Banksy exhibitions around the world, a fee of 35 TL has been set and the interior has been preferred as an exhibition space, but it is still worth going and seeing for Banksy's works.

Address: (Besides Karaköy outpost) Global Investment Holding, Kemankeşe Karamustafa Pasha, Quay Cad., No:51 Karaköy/Istanbul

Habitat, which will continue until 22 May at 4th Istanbul Modern, brings together different perspectives on living spaces with current photos. The exhibition reflects very impressively the efforts of individuals who are driven by urbanization to resist. Afterwards, he invites you to eat on his terrace against the view of Istanbul Istanbul Modern Restaurant. It is among the places I prefer with its view and calmness in Istanbul.

Address: Assembly Mebusan Street, Port Area 4 Antrepo, Karaköy, Beyoglu
Phone: (0212) 334 73 00

5. Goya, which is signed by Maksut Ashkar in its dishes, has a varied and delicious menu. The venue is among the night venues not only with its food, but also with Murat Tokuz, who takes his place in the DJ booth on certain days of the week. I recommend from the menu, Dana Cheek 58TL (which pays the price) and Ragu Duck Rigatoni 36TL.
Address: Kemankeş Street 77/A, Karaköy, Beyoglu


10 romantic addresses for Valentine's Day I also shared my recommendations for Sunday, don't start the day without looking at them. With all the activities to do in Istanbul and the beautiful place to visit, I add a few more to this list before I can help myself.

1. Baslama Breakfast & Brunch, which became famous in Cesme, came to Nisantasi at the feet of Istanbul residents. The venue, which says "It is forbidden to get up without getting enough", did not forget to bring the hospitality and warmth of Izmir in addition to breakfast. Breakfast is 40TL and tea is unlimited, as well as the conversations that are cooked and extended as much as you can eat.

Address:(House Cafe side street) Osman Seden Sok. Teşvikiye
Contact: 0531 833 91 99

2. We continue to the back streets of Stimiye, we come across Sunday, named after Sunday coffee. The concept of the place is american retro and in an air that emphasizes comfort.  You can't get up when you're sitting down, so to speak. Local green tea 12TL. I loved your presentation, I highly recommend it.

Address:(Behind The Stimiye Mosque) Ahmet Fetgari Sok. No:44/B Stimulus
Phone: (0212) 231 67 12

3. I recommend the newly released book Orhan Pamuk's Red-Haired Woman. The author takes us to Istanbul 30 years ago and tells the story of a high school boy in fluent language.

In addition to Sunday evening 4th, February 14th is an ordinary day for us, but I would recommend to those who say we want to eat well; Virginia Angus. The venue opened in Eminonu and then opened its second shop in Nisantasi. Bringing their meat to your table from a 100 per cent native Angus farm, the place understands the quality of the meat. My favorites at the place; Virginia Burger 120g £23.75 and Squint £22.75.

Address: Halaskargazi mah. Valikonagi cad. Jeweller Irfan Sok. No:8 Nisantasi
Phone: (0212) 234 15 25

5. Danish Girl is among the films released this week. Based on david ebershoff's book of the same name, the film tells Lili's love story on the path to gender reassignment based on the real lives of Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener. Directed by Oscar winner Tom Hooper, the film stars Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne; He is also nominated for Best Actor in 2016.

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