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Weekend entertainment guide (9-10 April)


-"Robot Days"organized at Bosphorus University brings together the most successful companies in its field in order to introduce the robot sector, which is advancing day by day and settling in our lives, and to examine its development in Turkey and the world. Bosphorus ROBOTICSUMMIT will be held free of charge from 08:30 to 18:30 on 9-10 April.

-American Street Food workshop this Saturday at Soffa Culinary Workshop WOW Istanbul Hotel. The workshop will start at 14:00 and the fee is 160 TL.

-Peter Demetz shares with you how ordinary squares from everyday life come to life in wood in the exhibition Without Being Watched.

Soda Istanbul, Peony Sok. No:37/1 Nisantasi is open from 11:00 to 19:00 and closed on Sundays and Mondays.

-Whatever you want to do on Saturday night, Luzia arnavutköyhas Zozo funk, disco and soul music genres; Claptone, one of the most successful names in deep house music, is also waiting for you in Kloster'sDJ booth.

Luzia Arnavutköy , Arnavutköy Bebek Cad. No:64 Istanbul
Kloster, Hussein Agha mah. Kamer Hatun Cad. No:10 Beyoglu, Istanbul

-The owner of Chandelman, Ersoy Cetin, entered the tavern business for the first time and took his place on the terrace of rixos pera istanbul hotel. Candlestick Mey-haneinvites you to dinner with the view of the Golden Horn. The average price for two people is 200 TL.

Legitimacy Cad. 44, Tepebasi Beyoglu, Istanbul


-If you want to start the day with a nice breakfast, I suggest you gourmet Karaköy with a reputation. Be careful not to eat your fingers, the cheeses and delis are of all kinds and the best is that the service continues until 21:00 in the evening. Breakfast for two costs about 90 TL.

Quay Cad. 1/1 Karaköy, Istanbul

-Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology have been of interest to many lately. So what are the effects that really have? You can learn all about it in ahsen kucukçalik's workshop, which will be held in Cretatölye,the price is 56 TL.

Cihangir Oba Sok. No:2 Beyoglu, Istanbul

-Noir Pit,which means coffee stop near Şişhane metro, is worth a try with its coffees and desserts. I suggest you start endless coffee conversations on the mezzanine floor of the Noir Pit after you've eaten at Miss Pizza. An average of 30 TL for two people.

Asmelimescit Mah. Legitimacy Cad. No:109/A Beyoglu, Istanbul

-Eleos,which is called as a white tavern with its white decoration, is ideal for a pleasant Sunday evening with tastes of Istanbul, Greek and Armenian cuisine accompanied by Greek music in the background. I highly recommend anchovy stuffing, Eleos pastry and souffle. The average price for two is 220 TL.

Yeşilbahçe Sok. 9 Yeşilköy, Istanbul

-My suggestion to the Market cinema;  Start Over/Demolitionis directed by Jean-Marc Vallee, best known for the Oscar-winning Film Club of the Limitless, which tells the story of an investment specialist who loses his wife in a car accident and meets a love to cling to life again during his emotional breakdown.

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