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Weekend custom 4-colour combination

In winter, you can be inspired by colorful sweaters to boost your energy. If you wish, with a floral midi-length skirt and flat sole shoes, with an unusual shoe that you would prefer with jeans if you wish, or with a cast trousers and sneakers...

When you choose a floral piece, it's worth choosing a vibrant color inside that part and completing the top with that single color. It will also make you look calmer and more elegant if you complement the jeans with a blue-tinted sweater. Since blue is very suitable in gold and silver in tone, you can create an awareness with your choice of shoes.

1.Combination: Skirt-Beymen (399TL), Kazakh-Twist (199TL), Shoe-Zara (59TL)
2.Combination: Pants-Topshop (169TL), Kazakh-Topshop (119TL), Shoe-Beymen (499TL)
3.Combination: Skirt-Silk road (359TL), Kazakh-Topshop (159TL), Shoe-Silk road (399TL)
4.Combination: Pants-Mango (149TL), Kazakh-Mango (69TL), Shoe-Silk road (359TL)

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