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Weekend combination with denim trousers with floral motifs

Although the floral pattern adds a more romantic and cute feel, Jean remains a comfortable and sporty piece at all times.

Pants-Zara, Top-Mudo, Shoe-Hotic

a collage of a pair of shoes

Therefore, you can achieve a simpler and more comfortable look by completing such pieces with cast shirts and T-shirts.

Pants-Jeans, Top-H&M, Shoe-Pearl Leather

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Completing the combo with sneakers and flat sole shoes is also in your hands, but it takes a bit of a feminine touch to look more stylish and accent with floral motifs.

Pants-Zara, Top-Silk road, Shoes-H&M

a collage of a person wearing a white dress and a white shirt

Heels or romantic babets can help you with this.

Pants-Silk road, Top-adL, Shoe-Zara

a pair of white and red underwear
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