a group of different colored dresses
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Weekend combination with colorful skirts

Especially when making more fun combinations with colorful skirts, embroidery embroidery or striped shirts in the summer period, you can also create a toned style using different shades of the same color.

Skirt-adL, Shirt-Twist, Shoe-Divarese, Necklace-Koton

background pattern

In winter, you can make a similar combo with long boots and boots.

Skirt-Machka, Shirt-Zara, Shoe-Silk road, Necklace-Twist

background pattern

Whether it's heels or heels, it's up to you...

Skirt-Machka, Shirt-H&M, Shoe-Pearl Leather, Necklace-Koton

a group of different colored shirts

Day or night, with this style you are ready for any program this weekend!

Skirt-Zara, Shirt-H&M, Shoe-Pearl Leather, Necklace-Forever New

a pair of shoes and a pair of sunglasses on a colorful background
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