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Weekend combination with colored trousers

Fabrics suitable for summer and spring periods or culotte type trousers that come down to loose legs will be an ideal option for those who cannot give up pants in summer.

Pants-Zara, Top-adL, Shoe-Pearl Leather

a pair of shoes and a dress

At the same time, when you prefer vibrant colors or patterned pieces, you create a more seasonal style.

Pants-Zara, Top-Machka, Shoe-Silk road

a pair of yellow and green dresses

By combining colors such as yellow, green, red, burgundy with white black colors, you can achieve a more balanced appearance, while using each other to create a more effective and striking combination.

Pants-Mudo, Top-Mudo, Shoe-Zara

a couple of dresses on a beach

Pants-H&M, Top-Twist, Shoe-Zara

a cartoon of a dog and a person
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