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Ways to overcome mental fatigue according to the horoscope

"We need to meet the mental needs of our body just like the physical needs. Our minds also have sheltered thoughts, we should be able to control our thoughts with feelings that will make us feel safe and peaceful so that we can get a healthy sleep pattern."say Astrologer Kenan Yasin Bölükbaşı, he made recommendations for 12 horoscopes under the guidance of astrology to help us overcome our sleep problems, keep our nutrition routines and inner motivation strong.

We have to divide the causes of sleep problems into physical and mental ones. We need a sheltered space for a comfortable sleep and rest. Let's assume that we are camping in nature. We need an area where we can be protected from wild animal attacks, where we can find solutions to mosquito bites, where we can physically feel peaceful and safe. These are our physical needs. According to your ascending sign You should be able to establish surrender in this area of your home, which corresponds to your home sign Pisces, and you should be able to keep the negative thoughts passing through your mind under control.

In order to overcome problems, you must learn to surrender. You have a horoscope nature that manages well to overlay events in stubbornness, directing all your focus towards the area you are targeting until you get what you want. But in most cases, everything has time, the time it takes to get to you. As you struggle more in this process, time must be completed for your goal to come to you.

If you go through this process without being able to leave it in the flow, your mind will put a great burden on your body. The water sleeps, the enemy does not sleep, you should manage to stay a little away from the attitude and experience sleep. Of course, you should be cautious about the work that goes behind your back, the secret processes, but in the process you should learn to delay your thoughts. "Now I must think of sleep and rest. After I wake up, I can continue to think about my important work.” For this reason, you can simply count your body by thinking and feeling all the areas of your body one by one, from your feet to your head, and fall asleep quickly. Now I feel my big toe, now I feel my knees, now I feel my belly, now I feel my nose... you can do a little exercise like these.

Assurances are important to you both mentally and physically. Your thoughts, the fulfillment of promises, your friendship relationships have become your sine qua non. You will often be in trouble with the problems and problems you have with your social relationships. Being deceived, deceived in friendship relationships can lead to a great loss of trust. In this process, you can turn into a grumpy individual, a person or people who are unfair to you with prejudices, and then the thought processes you experience can refute your life.

It is in your hands not to allow this situation. For the solution, you must succeed in establishing surrender. As soon as you manage to glorify your hopes and gather the people you love, your friends who emit positively charged energy, you can easily avoid your sleep disorders.

You can try to visualize your goals and dreams before you fall asleep. It'll do you good to watch TV. Watching relaxing programs can speed up your falling asleep while someone is talking.

Among the zodiac signs, the nature of the horoscope, which works the most decidedly, belongs to you. In this case, calming your mind may be difficult for you compared to all other horoscopes. Difficulties with authority figures in your life often influence you. Misunderstandings with your father, the state, the boss, the system and authority figures, and situations of confronting fears of abandonment and abandonment will aggravate and tire your subconscious in most cases.

If you fail to control your mind, there may be inevitable consequences for nervous tension and fatigue due to an unstable mood with aggressive attitudes.

With simple exercises, your sleep disorders can heal. Try using light in your bedroom. Try dropping the phones. As you know, electronic devices block the release of the hormone melatonin, which affects the body's sleep patterns. Because you can't silence the mind, you can try methods to guide the mind. For example, you can choose to sleep by listening to audio books and fall asleep quickly.

Your mentally complex thoughts can make your body sensitive. Compared to other horoscopes, you are likely to experience confusion. Since the moon is the fastest indicator in our system, your emotions change quickly, your obligation to adapt to different areas, and your obligation to empathize with people from all walks of life will force your strength in most cases, reduce your physical energy.

We should note that you are also likely to experience disappointments. You may also have to keep a lot of secrets in your relationship. Such situations will also decouple you with the people you love, and in most cases you will not be able to experience the same feelings as them because you have many ideas about them. Such conditions will complicate your surrender and lead to sleep disorders, biological rhythm disorders. Simple exercises that you need to do can often create a solution. For example, mixing a travel guide before you fall asleep, having a World Atlas in your bedroom, and looking at that jump before you fall asleep and dreaming can be an alternative. Or a trip, watching travel programs, falling asleep by watching vlogs also makes your life easier.

Debts, payments, other responsibilities, your fear of losing what you have, your career that you have scraped with your nails does not reach sufficient value and your dreams will not come true unless certain conditions occur because of the mental tension that you experience can quickly spread to your body.

You have to be able to maintain a good buy-and-give balance. Apart from the material exchange between you and the people with whom you provide common resources and common earning decks, you may also be drawn to problems faster because of your spiritual exchanges. Sometimes losing can also create an opportunity to win. In some cases you have to make sure you don't give up, don't worry about it, don't think too much. Life can laugh at the opportunities it misses from you as you work. In order to change this situation, instead of always having it, you have to get used to giving, sacrificing, letting go of what you have achieved. Failure to deal with such situations will come across as a heavy burden that your mind delivers to your body. Simple exercises that you need to do can allow you to quickly find solutions to combat such situations.

Others ' opinions about you can often be misleading. The more powerful you are equipped with the ability to express yourself, the more difficult it means that you will struggle with your horoscope nature. In other words, although your ability to use words and your ability to express is strong, the people you will encounter throughout your life can also be surrounded by people who do not understand you in the opposite way and think that you are deceiving them.

You should not allow others to transform or portray your personality. Other people's thoughts about you can keep your mind too busy. Even if you don't want it, this burden will be transferred to your subconscious. In addition, the situation of being together with partners who are in unrealistic expectations in your relationships will force your mind decisively in most cases.

In such cases, aggravation of your subconscious can create inevitable sleep problems for you Virgo who are trying to manage your thoughts. Simple exercises will allow you to overcome this situation. You have to learn to procrastinate to maintain mind control. Or you should make friends who will think about these situations for you, tell your friend all your problems before you go to sleep at night, and you can quickly fall asleep by feeling the confidence that you will find shared solutions.

Your responsibilities, your daily routines, the people/jobs under your responsibility may be positioned as masters in missing the taste of your life. Working alone is a good solution for you, while often forming partnerships with others, being forced to contact can infuriate you. You should also remember that your body is sensitive to finding solutions. Especially not paying attention to diseases, choosing not to worry too much about these issues will allow the disease to grow even more, which will be solved by quickly making a diagnosis at the initial stage. This condition will recur in your personal relationships in the same way. As long as you ignore it without debugging, people's attitudes towards you will become even more unresolved. Your body, unable to cope with such situations, can knock on your door during sleep hours. Pay attention and observe. I also want you to know that you can handle the situation with simple methods. For example, herbal teas, balm and chamomile teas, herbal pills that balance the release of the hormone melatonin, which you will take under the supervision of a doctor, will create quick solutions for you rising scales. The sensitive area to be careful is that you realize that you will delay finding solutions unless you take the time to rest.

It is necessary to force the impossible not to worry about whatever walls and obstacles are in front of you about the areas of creation. For you rising Scorpions, being able to manage the productive and productive aspects of life with the right style and responsibility are the most sensitive issues. Call these subjects children, call them jungles and passions, call them love, call them entrepreneurship, call them holidays, call them sports. No matter what we say, if the responsibility for all these issues is not taken correctly as a result, there is a problem for you there.

In love relationships, the problem is not romance, but sustainability, sustainability is essential for you. And this ship has two captains. As long as the other captain doesn't act as selfless as you do, a great burden will be placed on your mind. Being creative about solving problems often can't stop you from worrying about these issues. As a result of anxiety, it winks at you from your subconscious, and sleepless nights become your best friend to strengthen your thoughts. What you have to do here is accept that the past you have to achieve cannot be restored, cannot be returned. The past is the past. Well, how do we do it? With simple exercises, we will create opportunities for ourselves in these areas. If we're having a sleep without holes, then we've done it. Engaging in hobbies before sleep, simple crocheting, knitting, puzzles, painting work (mandala), etc. efforts can allow you to quickly fulfill your consciousness and give it the hours of sleep that your body needs.

You may think that having difficulties establishing belonging and adapting does not cause problems with sleep. In other words, it can be misleading to think that rising Springs meet the need for sleep wherever he comes to sleep without looking for a loud sound, stifling heat or a comfortable bed. 4. cutting your home with a Pisces sign and this indicates that you will have certain problems in establishing belonging. In other words, even if you are peaceful, it may be your housemates and family members who are disturbing your peace. As long as you can't create your own space, problems will haunt you. Structuring your family, roots, and kinship relationships may not be easy for you. And you can surrender to sleepless nights because of fighting this situation. Controlling this situation and entering certain expectations for your family to meet your demands and expectations will be a means of experiencing mental fatigue. You can make simple applications to let the situation flow and meet your sleep needs.

Taking a shower before sleep, bathing with warm water, watching an aquarium, watching sea, ocean documentaries and choosing to sleep with the sound of rain will help you quickly shift your negative thoughts and make room for relaxation in your mind.

Capricorn nature instills a sense of responsibility in you, but it also causes you to have difficulty understanding. You may experience mental laziness most of the time. Because you have a structure that can quickly flow your thoughts somewhere, you can postpone dealing with them before things get serious. This attitude prevents you from having problems with sleep and can give the impression that you are living life in a more comfortable flow, but this time, when you accumulate issues that you are postponing, you do not think about, sleepless nights will not be decimated.

The fact that you think, “they know me, they understand me, they know that I have no malevolence in me” prevents you from getting the answer to why the other side is approaching you negatively. Because these positive judgments about understanding will often not reflect the truth. Communication will always be your biggest problem. You'll have to make twice as much effort to be understood. The simple alternatives you can apply to quickly solve these challenges and get rid of the mental fatigue your body needs are as follows: You can deal with photography, design and design work will relax you. Even chat as if you are another character using a pseudonym, talking to people you don't know on a social platform can also quickly relax you. 

Your instinct to protect those that are valuable to you can often engage your mind more than others. Because of your willingness to sense the danger that will come to them before them, you can run your mind as if you were playing chess. This is a huge burden for the body, you need to make good strategies to deal with your thoughts. In order to deal with this situation, you must have established your priorities correctly. First, you must make plans like my family, then my friends, or first, my responsibilities, then a pet that I will own, and you must manage to maintain your life by sticking to these plans. This will often tire you out and keep your mind from calming down. On the other hand, in order to control the income and expenses of money, your sensitivity to the fact that everyone should receive equal rights and values will again be instrumental in fighting mental fatigue. You have to think that the source of the universe is infinite, you have to choose to surrender, and you have to remind yourself that when you do not intervene, events find solutions on their own. Then you will be able to fit into the solid resting form your body needs and have a healthy sleep. Simple exercises will also work. Especially looking at the horizon, watching the stars, diving into dreams, watching space documentaries can help you catch fast solutions.

Because of your ability to pull whatever is positive or negative on you like a lightning rod, your mental activation is often more intense than other zodiac signs. As if your own problems are not enough, it will break out at certain points in your life, whether you want to carry the problems of the world on you. Being compassionate, being able to empathize are not negative traits, but not being able to solve certain problems can create a situation where an unfinished puzzle is a problem for you. You carry a sign of the nature of the element of water, and we must remember that water has a solvent power. The correct functioning of the nature of this element, which contains features that purify, decompose, clean and analyze their dirt, allows you to ensure your inner peace and manage your motivational resources correctly. If you can't find the strength to provide these opportunities, then your mind will have to fight heavy loads and your body will have trouble catching the regular sleep time it needs. Simple applications can allow you to quickly bypass these processes. For example, taking a warm shower before falling asleep, washing dishes, completing water-related activities will help you quickly relieve fatigue. Rain relaxes the sound, walking along the edges of the water directly accelerates your inner motivation. Do not forget to even recognize yourself the opportunity to acquire hobbies such as diving.

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