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Ways to make smaller spaces wider

We all know that the use of mirrors creates a refreshing effect and makes the space look wider. And did you know that height mirrors make space look much wider than mirrors hung on the wall? Try leaning the height mirrors slightly upwards against the wall. The result will surprise you, too.

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If the ceiling height in your home is below the standard, you can try applying striped wallpaper longitudinal. However, if the space has a thin and long plan and the ceiling is at an ideal height, you can apply the striped wallpaper horizontally to make the wall perceived wider.

a dining room with a chandelier and a table with chairs

Another way to make the ceiling perceived higher is to make the ceiling a shiny surface. For this, you can use oil paint. The reflection created by the bright paint you apply to the ceiling will make the place look much more spacious and bright. A little reminder: To apply oil paint to the ceiling, we must make sure that the ceiling is very smooth. Otherwise, the bright paint will reveal all the imperfections on the ceiling.

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You already know that we need to use light colors to make the place look brighter and wider, but you may not want to live in a boring space of white furniture and white walls. In such cases, you should use light grays and whites throughout the space and use a small amount of accessories of bright but soft color, such as turquoise, lemon yellow. If you can't create a variety of colors; try to make a difference in textures and materials. For example, if you want to use Try using marble, glass and mirrors in white tones, along with your light furniture.

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