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Ways to deal with virus anxiety

Why does uncertainty bother us? The part of the brain responsible for “survival”is constantly updating your world and making judgments about what's safe and what's not. Because mentally uncertainty equals danger, the brain creates all sorts of untested stories hundreds of times a day. If your brain doesn't know what's around the corner, it can't keep you out of harm's way. He always admits the worst, over-personalizes threats and jumps to conclusions. (Your brain will do almost anything for the sake of certainty). Also, in the name of survival, you are forced to exaggerate threats and underestimate your ability to deal with them. When certainty is questioned, your stress response goes quickly, instantly arousing your stress response, encouraging you to take action and to safety. Waiting for certainty can feel like torture with millions of small cuts. Sometimes the brain prefers to learn the result in some way to reduce the impact. Research shows that suffering is more calming than waiting for uncertainty because it is pain relief. 

However, it is important to be alert, calm and discreet and follow the recommendations of experts:
* Do not go to work if you are sick, quarantine yourself for 14 days and avoid public places.
* Wash your hands frequently with soap for 20 seconds or use more than 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you return home from any activity involving other people's places.
* Put social distance
* Avoid touching your face.
* Do not shake hands. 
* Use your elbow to touch the light buttons. 
* Hold door handles with napkins do not contact as much as possible.
* Use disinfectant wipes in stores, including wiping the handle and child seat in grocery stores.
* If possible, cough or sneeze into a disposable handkerchief and then discard it. Use your elbow only when you need it.
* Be proactive and 7 recommendations for strengthening immunity do not lose sleep, exercise and eat well.


During this crisis, your mind is everything. Your perspective is the most powerful thing you can control in a situation beyond your control.  It has been discovered that some stressful thought patterns, such as repetitive thoughts and pessimism, can shorten our telomeres (the sheaths at the end of our chromosomes), which can age and kill our stress faster and earlier. So, in addition to washing our hands, we also need to clear our minds of thoughts of a disaster scenario. Yes, things will be different, but ask yourself whether it's the virus that scares you or the terrible changes, the uncertainty that can't be controlled and scares you...

” At this time, concerns about the corona virus began to appear in my mind, “ ” I think if I or my loved ones are caught, “” what if everything gets worse?"

Bonus: 6 ways to stay at the moment

The sky is wider and more inclusive than the clouds. Your mind is also wider than thoughts and covers them. When you look at it like this, you see negative or challenging scenarios, like dark dark clouds, with sun or blues on one side. So you can also see in your mind that maybe there are thoughts of everything coming and going, or hopeful thoughts. And most importantly, the sky is constant, everything that appears there is temporary. Just like your mind's constant thoughts come and go... 

The body is always here and now. And your concerns and fears are in the future for now. The moment we are in is the most real and concrete moment. If you notice your body, you come to this moment, where there is reality, not anxiety. For example, right now my heart is pounding, I feel a tightness in my chest or tension in my shoulders.

It helps to relax your mind as it is easier to relax your body than to relax your mind. The tool that will help this most is your breath. Breathe, count to four, meanwhile stretch your entire body and relax decently. You can apply it as much as you want during the day. Breathing not only relaxes us, but also brings us to this moment, which reduces our anxiety.

Choose a safe and comfortable environment for you. Set your phone's alarm after 5 minutes and put your phone in flight mode. Keep your seat upright and comfortable. Close your eyes and direct your attention only to your breath. Breathe, follow and give. Follow the cycle of your breath like a ring. 'Take a breath, follow and give.’ Every time thoughts come into your mind, gently return to your breath again. At the end of five minutes, finish wishing you health, trust and peace for yourself and the entire universe.

If you stop calmly and with the help of your breath for a while, you can observe that the thoughts that appear in your mind become calm when thoughts begin to come to blur your mind, and just as the snow sphere remains constant for a while, its snow falls to the bottom and becomes clear. You can apply each of these 6 items individually, and you can spend time and work gradually. You can also write down your experiences and then read them once. After doing our best in these uncertain days, we know that being nervous in chaos environments will not help us, and we hope that we have the wisdom that calm, calm and waiting is also an alternative, love…

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