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Ways to deal with difficult situations

Disgrace; endurance, flexibility, ability to recover, ability to learn from difficult experiences, cope and develop. Instructors often give the example of ‘bamboo’ when describing the concept of disgrace. In monsoon rains, bamboos bend to the ground without breaking. When the rain stopped, he stood up again and continued his life adventures from where he left off.Seçkin and Hasanoğlu (2016) describes the concept of disgrace as the ability of an individual to not break down, despite all the difficulties he has experienced in his life, to return to his former state when the difficult process has passed. We all have different reactions to stress.. The soundness of the spiritual infrastructure, that is, what we experience in childhood, contains important clues about how durable we will be. So, what about people whose childhood was difficult and who, despite all the difficult events they had experienced, clung to life, struggled, compatible, flexible, and could enjoy life?

My father, who lost his father when he was only 6 months old, grew up without a mother, studied in boarding schools, comes to my mind every time I tell a disgrace. What is happening, how is it that despite all the difficulties, individuals do not lose this fighting spirit? And genius inspiring can they turn into wonderful parents?

Temperament and heredity are very important. But I think one of the most important elements is resources. For example, the stable bond we built with a consistent adult when we were children. If this is an adult, our parent, we are very lucky. But even the presence of a grandmother, a teacher, a friend, who sometimes supports us, whose unconditional love we feel, makes us strong and durable in life. To belong to a group, to make life meaningful, to give heart to a team, to fight for a cause, to find things to be grateful for, and indeed thank... As much as possible, if not at any time...

It's important to take responsibility in the face of life's challenges. Usual clinging to habits continue to feed, rest, Love, Be Loved, share, and remain connected... These times will pass, and we will get up, yawning from where we bow like bamboo trees. A few scratches, maybe, but he's all right.

Source: Rezilyans In Children, Dr. Shirin Seçkin & Dr. Alper Hasanoğlu

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