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Ways to balance between social media and real life

The interaction of the virtual world is increasingly moving people away from reality. On social media, unreal lives are being created. Social media has become a platform where we choose and showcase the best parts of our lives. This, in turn, leads to tides in the person, creating personality disorders. It isolates individuals because it's a virtual life, a virtual world. Friendships and friendships are also virtual. It's not real. How people want to live a life is first fictionalized and then reflected on social platforms. Beauty is presented with filters, perspectives are adjusted... most shares are based on what people make it look like they do. These and similar situations are the result of people's lack of self-confidence. It is necessary to use the virtual world to hear from our relatives or friends, without moving away from naturalness. The virtual world that you approach with feelings of spying on other lives, emulation, will eventually make you unhappy.

Social media has become a platform for people to live and show what they can't live, as if they exist. Using social media in this way leads to personality disorder. Because after a while, they begin to believe in the world they created. Then they can get depressed when they're not in real life. Don't expect virtual platforms to be real. Let's be aware of this and use it with this consciousness. 

The 3 most important feelings of people are the need to be appreciated, the need to be accepted and the need to be liked. This trio is more or less in every person. It's one of man's weaknesses. With social media, people are satisfying these missing aspects. They share photos, they get likes, they meet the need to be liked... they share, they are appreciated, they meet the need to be appreciated... as a result of these missing aspects, addiction arises. It satisfies feelings. They become addicted because people subconsciously touch important points. Make sure it's an addiction. Like smoking, alcohol or substance abuse. If your first job as soon as you wake up is to look at your social media accounts, there's a problem here. Let's not spend 3-4 hours a day there. Otherwise, your ties to real life will be weakened. 

Today, certain habits have also changed. For example, reading a book or going to the library. So let's use social media and the internet to access information. If a person wants to improve himself, there are thousands of videos on the same topic. If you want to learn a foreign language or are interested in personal development, then you can search the internet and watch videos of competent people, apply the training they give, the methods they recommend. There are too many resources on everything. Cooking, sports, repairing an item, etc. whatever comes to mind ... the important thing is to use social media with a social benefit factor. In other words, if a student does not just look at social media shares in his or her free time, but watches a video about a foreign language, he or she can constantly improve himself or herself. It can conduct parallel research in its courses. A professional can follow the developments in the world in order to better perform his or her profession. An athlete can learn what other athletes do, how they develop themselves, how they achieve an ideal through the internet. And it can, should, use global thinking as a factor that allows you to share information globally.

Of course, we should use the internet to access information. But before we forget to read the book... we forgot the book, we missed reading it and working on our personal development. There is everything in the virtual environment, we are drifting towards a copy and paste world order. Attention! Reading a book is a different activity; the eyes see something, taking notes on pages, revisiting the book in later times, making quotes, etc. it creates a different learning potential. In other words, it is a very important method to study memory, to store information, to read propositions. Reading on the internet is something else. On the internet, we are often under much more influence, bombarded with information created by manipulation. In other words, it eliminates the ability of the person to analyze himself, on his own initiative. Therefore, we should not go away from the classic methods. But books can also be read as e-books. With any tablet, we can store hundreds of thousands of books. And this is the freedom of the Electronic Library for us...

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There are also events in people's lives that they can't handle from a spiritual point of view. For example, diseases, death, etc. it is necessary to think about their positive side in terms of sharing them, expressing feelings, relieving pain, seeing support...


The distances have disappeared thanks to social media. We can watch what our friends are going through, share their stories. We're in pursuit. On the other hand, we can meet and chat via the internet. It's like we're chatting face-to-face, even if it's in front of the screen. During the pandemic, we closed the distance between us and our friends, whom we could not meet, thanks to the internet.Dec.

Act like yourself on social media, as you should be everywhere. Balance is important. When we devote 3 hours a day to the virtual platform, this time is when you stay away from your relationships, work, or even your children. And this is a great loss. Balance well and don't miss real life. 

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