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Ways to achieve the goals of the New Year

First, it is very important to keep your goals clear and specific. Because when you don't do that, you can't focus on your goals and you can't find the motivation for them either. 5 N 1 K questions can help you here. For example, instead of just’ developing a foreign language‘, you can say,’ I want to improve my English so that I can work in a better position, so that I don't face the language barrier in foreign-related jobs'. 

In addition, the fact that these goals are measurable, controlling your intermediate goals in places will increase your motivation on the way to the goal Dec. Based on the same example, if you speak English at b1 level and your main goal is c1 level, you should be at b2 level halfway through the year. Or it can be the number of words you will learn per month that you have set for yourself. 

It is not only enough that it is measurable, but also very important that it is achievable. I mean, do I have enough time for this goal? In what way can I perform? And is my goal realistic? In order for our goals to be realistic, it is important that we can respond to them in a material and spiritual sense. So ‘if the answer is yes when you ask the question, " Can I afford the education I want, can I create time to devote to it?"asking in the form can be decisive. If there is a financial inadequacy, perhaps it is necessary to change this goal to save money for language education and combine them with other steps. But remember that staying realistic in every sense and being honest with ourselves is a decisive factor. So if you have a goal like losing 20 pounds, we need to be aware that you can't achieve it in a month. 

Another point is that after listing our goals, we also question how suitable they are for us. Sometimes the first goal that comes to mind sounds very nice, but when you think about it, you may notice that it doesn't appeal to you. 

• Do I want to spend my time on this this year? 
• Is it the right option this year? - for example, touring five countries may not be a viable option this year, unfortunately. 
• Is that what I want? 
• Is it possible for me to achieve this goal in my environment or situation?

Finally, it would be useful to examine our time-dependent goals and divide them into stages. In other words, detailing where you should bring our one-year goal to three months, six months, maybe even monthly in line with the goal we have set can make 2021 much more efficient. 

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