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Warm winter: Puffer coats

Quilted, bloated puffer coats are one of the pieces that you can easily take on anywhere you want and that you will not want to take off in winter.  This season, puffers are at the forefront with their trendy and stylish uses in addition to sports and daily use.

Especially with miniskirts or stylish dresses, you can achieve an extraordinary and remarkable appearance by catching a contrasting harmony. Leather pieces and embroidered, sequined pieces make a good pair, especially with puffer coats, so you can suddenly move a night-time combo to everyday style.

You can support the combination by highlighting your makeup and especially your lipstick in puffer coat combinations. In this way, you can balance that sports look that remains in the upper part of your body.

Apart from classic colors such as navy blue, taba and black, puffer coats also have more colorful options this season.

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